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My Sister > Your Sister // Meet Kaylen

Today is a very special day because my baby sister turns 20.  She’s no longer a teenager and that’s weird to me.  I remember when we were younger I would wonder about what Kaylen would be like when she grew up and thinking “when she turns 20 I’ll be 26 and that will NEVER get here”.  
Joke’s on me.  It’s here.

Here’s a special Q&A session with the birthday girl herself.

If you haven’t already, meet Kaylen, everyone!
Men Black wax figures

Introduce yourself:

Hey guys! I'm Kaylen, Alyssa's adorable little sister.  I am 20 years old today.  Happy birthday to me!  I am a sophomore at the University of Alabama pursuing a degree in accounting and management.  I am completely opposite from my sister, but somehow just alike at the same time.

 -What’s your favorite thing about being a student at Alabama?

Most people would think that the answer to this question would be the football team.  But I absolutely love this campus.  It is so beautiful!  An amazing football team is just a perk (:

-Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I would have to say the beach.  I could live there year around!  It is just so relaxing and beautiful, how could you not love it? I will own a condo on the coast one day.

-Who or what is your biggest inspiration (besides me of course)?

I thought about this question for a while because I really had no idea what to put.  I think one would have to be Maw.  I always think about where she would want me to be in life and the amazing advice she would always give.  I just hope and pray that I would be making her proud.  Another inspiration would have to be my family.  They have such high hopes for me and I don't want to let them down.  I don't want to let myself down.  Another inspiration would have to be the future.  I have an idea of what I want my future to be and I am doing everything I can to get there.

-Name a celebrity you love to hate.

I have a few but my mind has gone blank and the only one I can think of is Taylor Swift.  I cannot stand that girl.  I don't know what it is about her.  Just looking at her she gets on my nerves.  But every time one of her songs comes on the radio I cannot help but sing along with it.  And I make myself so mad doing it.

-Why did you choose to pursue a career in accounting?

I really don't know what made me choose accounting.  For some reason it's just always been my plan.  I am really good with numbers.  And the big bucks that I could possibly make one day doesn't sound too bad.

-What’s the best and worst thing about being a shorty (5’0)?

Being 5 foot tall definitely has its ups and downs.  Some of the downs would be that you cannot find pants that actually fit you and you CANNOT be seen in a crowd and you CANNOT see anything in crowds (hence why I hate crowds).  Some ups are that you can wear always wear heels and never be the awkward girl that's taller than everybody.  Also, you can wear cute dresses that look skanky on tall girls because they are way to short, but they look perfect on you!

-What’s your favorite blog post I’ve ever done?

There are two of my sister's blog posts that always stick out in my mind, Peaceful One wrote on May 18, 2012 and Wearing Black wrote on August 23, 2012.  Peaceful One was wrote after Maw died and it was just such a touching tribute to the amazing woman that she was.  A lot of times when I think about her I read these blogs and remember those very last moments that we got the honor to spend with her.  Wearing Black is just such an amazing blog, completely sad, but one that I believe that everyone should read.  Fair warning though, you will cry your eyes out.  I do anyway.

-Why didn’t you participate in pageants in high school?

Pageants were never really my thing.  I have only been in one pageant my entire life and as soon as I saw the people who were in my category I knew I was done for.  And I was right!

-Cats or dogs (there’s only one right answer here)?

Here is where I am conflicted.  I do love cats and have all my life.  But now I have a beautiful black lab who is as sweet as he can be and I love just love him so much!

-It’s Friday night. Where are you?

More than likely I am on the couch watching tv with my dad.  That's always been our thing.  And I don't have much of a social life.

-Which birthday was your favorite and why?

I really don't know if I have a favorite.  They have all been amazing because I am always surrounded by my families and friends.  But I did have a really fun 14th birthday party.  We had a bonfire and played in the hay field by my house all night.  That was when life was simple and you had no worries in life except hoping your crush actually liked you.  I really miss those times!

-Is life how you thought it would be at 20?

Well seeing as I have only been 20 for not even a day yet I'm really not sure.  I don't really think I had an idea of what 20 would be like.  All i know is growing up kinda sucks and I would probably go back to being young in a heart beat.  No responsibilities.  No worries.  Just fun.

Do you feel like you know Kaylen by now?  If you don’t here’s a few tidbits about us as sisters and little things that make me happy she’s mine:

-We’ll say the same thing at the same time and it never fails to freak us out.
-Sometimes we end up wearing the same outfit without planning it (I mean, why would you plan to match your sister unless it’s for an awesome photo opportunity?)
The Shining sisters
 -One day she’ll make a great Aunt KK (to children of mine other than Gus and Dixie).
-She does my nails just as well as any nail salon (and a lot cheaper).
-Sometimes we flip the switch and she’s the “big sister”.
-She makes the funniest faces.
-We share a love for Starbucks, Target and all things Disney.
-She can always make me laugh and cheer me up.

I can’t imagine going through life without her for a sister.  

Happy Birthday, Kaylen!

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  1. Oh Alyssa, i love this! You two remind me of my sister and I, alike but SO different!! Happy HAPPY Birthday, Kaylen! I fell the EXACT same way about T-Swifty! UGH!

    Man oh man, 20... seems like ages ago! ENJOY THIS TIME, but keep your grades up!


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