Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Burger Bombs and Oh Em Gee Snow

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one. I worked Saturday since my office mate was sick so The Great Purge has been moved (again) to THIS Saturday. Yea, everyone at work is getting sick. Guess who has a wicked cough now. This girl. #AnythingButTheFlu

two. Today everyone is bracing for snow. [Oh em gee.] And by snow I mean a "light dusting". But our friends farther south might get real 2-4 inches of snow. Jellz.
 photo alabamasnow_zps6b8a97ae.png

three. The fast is over. It ended Sunday and that night I still couldn't make myself eat bread. This has inspired to make a new goal for myself. More on that later.

four. In a perfect world, there would be at least two more hours tacked on to the end of the day so would have more time to read The Fault in Our Stars. Seriously. So good.

five. I actually tweeted through the Grammys Sunday night...and had too much fun. Look for a Good, Bad, and Ugly post tomorrow!

six. Basically.
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seven. I vacuumed the couches and cushions Sunday and realized my two cats shed enough to make blankets for an entire family.

eight. I'm going to attempt (attempt being the key word here) these on Superbowl Sunday. Look good, yes? It's called a "Burger Bomb". What could go wrong there???
 photo burgerbombs_zps65d7c550.jpg

nine. Seriously considering busting out the ole blender and making smoothies again.

ten. Please excuse me while I go pile on some layers in preparation for snowmageddon. Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. I am totally jelly that south Alabama is getting snow and now us. How is that even possible? Or fair?! All we get is this bone chilling cold weather. Meh.

  2. Ugh, flu season! So over it! We get a lot of cold weather but not a lot of snow, which is so not fair. A dusting is usually all we can hope for. :(

  3. ummm those burger bombs look delish!!

  4. Aww #6 is soooooo cute! :)
    And I will try to make some of these burger bombs in a vegan version, that looks delicious. And it would be perfect for the Super Bowl!
    I loved The Fault In Our Stars! Such a good book!
    Hopefully I can link up today! :)

  5. I had many things to comment on, and then I saw Burger Bombs, and everything else went out the window. Oh my...


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