Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Weird Weekend, New Dress, and Sassypants

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one. So this weekend didn't exactly go as planned.  Friday night Daniel was in an accident at work when a ditch caved in on him burying him about four feet under dirt.  His coworkers pulled him out but it's a miracle he didn't suffocate.  His face is pretty banged up but he was released from the hospital Sunday.  I sent him a bag of dude movies to try and help him along with his recovery. I've been saying prayers of thanks since Friday night for God's protection of Daniel. It could've gone very differently.

two. The fam was supposed to come over Saturday to help Chris and I purge our guest rooms of junk, hang some stuff on the wall and move some furniture upstairs.  Since the weekend went weird Friday night The Great Purge (as I'm calling it) has been moved to THIS Saturday.

three. I had a LOT of time to kill on pinterest Saturday.  This even made Daniel laugh.  An alligator named Frank.  heh.
 photo 9d8721188832aefd919d231422f1f43a_zpsd481f079.jpg

four. In a dream Saturday night I saw the book The Fault In Our Stars....so I bought it Sunday.

five. I heard Ellen DeGeneres is hosting the Oscars. I like Ellen but I'm a little disappointed it's not Seth McFarlane again.

six. Speaking of the Oscars...my boy Leo is nominated!! If he wins I swear...
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seven. The fast is still going strong. One more week. After that Chris is taking me to The Bright Star for a roast beef sandwich...and then to Cracker Barrel for meatloaf...and then Habaneros for tacos...and then Publix for a big box of brownies...

eight. Is The Walking Dead back yet? Good grief.

nine. I bought this dress at Forever 21 (can't find it on their website) Sunday to wear to our annual V-Day Eat Somehwere That Only Rich People Eat at When It's Not a Holiday Dinner. Lose the hat and give me some shoe ideas. Go!
 photo Forever21BlackBohoDress_zps05c222ff.png

ten. Feeling sassy today? Still not as sassy as this dog...
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  1. I am in love with Frank the alligator! And the dog! Well, I guess I just love all animals! :)
    That dress is so cute!
    And that accident sounds scary! Glad Daniel is fine!

  2. Ahhh your sassy dog looks like a female version of my Mac! Glad to hear Daniel is ok, that is super scary!!!

    And now I am craving Mexican...thanks for that :(

  3. So glad Daniel is okay! How scary! Someone was definitely watching over him.

  4. 3. Ha!

    5. Same here. Although, I love Ellen.

    6. Totally!

    10. So cute!

  5. I LOVED Seth McFarlane hosting the Oscars. Everyone had their panties all in a bunch, but I'm like, BRING HIM BACK!!! He was a breath of fresh air, and I think he's pretty dreamy looking.

    Prayers to Daniel. You are right, it could have gone an entirely different way, and he certainly had God looking out for him. I hope for a speedy recovery.

  6. Nothing helps a banged up dude than a bag of dude flicks! It's a relief though that Daniel emerged relatively unscathed. You guys must've thanked his quick-thinking co-workers, pulling him out there and bringing him to the hospital. In cases like this, minutes matter as suffocation happens pretty quickly. I hope he had a speedy recovery.
    Johna Mccaa @ U.S. HealthWorks


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