Thursday, January 30, 2014

That Time It Got Really Cold in Alabama Part 2

In case you were wondering, this was Part 1.

I started this post Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock. Usually when I'm sitting at my desk getting ready to start the work day. At that time yesterday there were probably a dozen people waking up at the office who got stuck there on Tuesday in the early afternoon. I mentioned in my Ten on Tuesday that it was forecasted that we would get a "dusting" and it would be no big thing. Well we got our "dusting" and when the dusting didn't stop we got full fledged chaos. When we realized what was happening and we decided to shut it down I knew it was already to late for me (doesn't that sound so dramatic). God bless a coworker with 4-wheel drive who didn't mind driving WAY out of his way to take me home. After attempting to drive last year I knew there was no way I was getting my little car out in it. Cars were stranded everywhere. People were ditching and walking. Cars were just stopped dead at the bottom of hills when they couldn't get up. We had a pretty smooth ride but meanwhile Chris (in his little car) was on the interstate heading home from Birmingham. He got off the highway as soon as he could and when it was such a mess in Hueytown he finally stopped at my aunt and uncle's and left his car there. He and Mom were both "rescued" by (no joke) a rescue truck! I was so thankful when he walked in the door. If we got stuck in the house for however long, at least we were together.

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It was insane on social media yesterday morning. People everywhere spent the night at work, or in kind stranger's homes, or even in their cars. There were even students and teachers who stayed overnight in their schools. Can you imagine? I read that the Birmingham area got two inches. TWO. INCHES. And this is what happens. What our friends from the north don't understand is that we are SO not equipped to deal with this. Just because it never happens!

One thing is for dang sure: I've learned my lesson. Next time there's even a fleeting mention of snow, I'm racing to the grocery store for milk and bread (instead of making fun of the people that have been doing that all along) and leaving my happy butt at home.
This is for the birds.

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  1. I am reading this like "SAAAAYYYY WHAT!?!?!?" I saw pictures of the mass chaos in Atlanta and couldn't believe it. It's so strange to me how an entire area can literally shut down with hardly any snow. I guess it's scary when you're not equipped for anything like that, and aren't used to driving in it. Pople around here drive the little cars in snow like it's nothing. Either way, I'm glad both you and Chris were able to get home safely. I hope you surive the huge blizzard! HAHAHHA


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