Thursday, February 27, 2014

Share in This Victory With Me // Mexican Lasagna Roll-Ups

Dear friends, something remarkable took place in the kitchen Tuesday night. I cooked a meal with several components...and it went flawlessly. It was a banner day in the Whitt house. I’ve been searching Pinterest like crazy for new recipes as part of the Chef Alyssa challenge and found this one for Mexican Lasagna Roll-Ups and thought it would be fun to try.

cooking, recipe, pasta, mexican food

It required shredded chicken so I boiled chicken for the first time ever. Cooked perfectly.
It required lasagna noodles so I cooked actual pasta for the time ever. Cooked perfectly.
It required a filling and a sauce and both came out perfect.
It was the biggest achievement of my week. Maybe my life thus far.

cooking, recipe, pasta, mexican food

And what’s more is it was actually fun to make. I enjoyed watching the chicken and pasta cook and mixing the sauces simultaneously. It was fun to spread the filling on the lasagna and roll it up. And when it came time to eat after forty minutes of baking it was soooo good. Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever made. Chris, my picky husband, even enjoyed it.
When it came out of the oven I screamed at him “honey, come in here and see this! It looks the way it should look! Share in this victory with me!”.

cooking, recipe, pasta, mexican food

Me: I’m so proud of myself. I’ve never cooked chicken or pasta like that before.
Chris: Don’t you just boil both of them?
Me: Yes. But the point is I did them both correctly.
Kill joy.

cooking, recipe, pasta, mexican food

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Firefox, Dancing with the Stars, and Butchering the National Anthem

If you're new here, this the part where you roll off ten random things that are on your mind (serious or silly), grab the button, and link up!
Ten on Tuesday, link up, random

one. Friday night we all went to Baumhower's to celebrate Nana's birthday and I got the cutest picture of her ever:
grandmother's birthday, ten on tuesday, two-thirds scarlett

two. I finally downloaded Firefox for our home laptop. Firefox > Internet Explorer.

three. Just because:
cat picture, ten on tuesday, two-thirds scarlet

four. THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS!! I'm really liking Michonne's new personality. My jaw dropped when Abraham said the dr. needed to get to DC because he knew how it all started and possibly how to fix it. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? The name of the game for a while might be KEEP THE DR. ALIVE.

five. One week until the Oscars! Woop WOOP!

six. Dancing with the Stars made a smart move and FIRED shmarmy co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet. C'est la vie. On to the next, in the gorgeous Erin Andrews (who HAS to have a better personality than Brooke). But then again drying paint has a better personality than Brooke.

seven. I'm 26 years old and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that Sunday I tithed for the first time ever.

eight. There are not enough words in the english language to describe my disdain for this. Don't try to rewrite The Star-Spangled Banner. Don't try to make it modern. Don't try to make it "rock". Perform it with the respect it deserves. Doucheweeds.

nine. Robin Thicke and his wife announced they're getting a divorce. Seriously. Who didn't see that coming?

ten. Thank you thank you thank you to Katrin, Ms. Attitude, Z, Martha, and Alana for linking up last week. You ladies are awesome.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Fever // My Imaginary Closet

Two weeks ago we were dodging blizzards and yesterday it got up into the lower 70's. It was THE most beautiful, nicest day I've seen in a while. It gave us a little glimmer of springtime warmth. It felt amazing to not have to wear a jacket for the first time in months. As much as I adore autumn and cold weather, that little spring preview made me long for warmer temps and sunshine if for no other reason than sandals and tank tops. With springtime on my mind, I took to Polyvore to take out some winter aggression and create/find some perfect outfits I'd like to see in my closet when warm weather comes:

Spring preview, my style, warm weather, polyore
My Polyvore

spring preview, shopping, my style, polyvore
Lisaeaster Polyvore

spring preview, my style, polyvore, shopping
My Polyvore

polyvore, shopping,spring preview, my style
Bradierenee Polyvore

polyvore, my style, spring preview, shopping
My Polyvore

polyvore, spring preview, my style, shopping
Pixerdoll Polyvore

polyvore, my style, spring preview, shopping
My Polyvore

If these easy, breezy outfits don't make you want to burn your sweaters, I don't know what will.
Have a wonderful, warm week!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Honey Boo Boo Cat, Animal Crackers, and Even Peters

 photo Ten-on-Tuesday_zpse31d51a9.png

one. We got snow again last week! Even more than last time. Mom got out in it that morning and snapped some pictures. I wish everything was always this white. (That sounds really wrong.) I grabbed Gus and brought him out and the bottom left picture is him about to lose his mind.
snow day in alabama

two. After the fun trip to the vet Saturday, Miss Dixie has to have drops in her ears twice a day. It's exactly as fun as it sounds.

three. I'm so ready for the Oscars it's not even funny. Bring on the ball gowns and drunk Emma Thompson!

four. Holy crap. I have actually said this:
movie at 8:30, i'm old, it's late

five. WALKING DEAD SPOILERS HERE! I'm so glad we got to see the rest of the group! What's the older little girl's name? Lizzy? She freaks me out. Someone today told me they have a theory that Lizzy is going to end up killing Carol. Because it would be the irony of all ironies.

six. Hahahaha!
honey boo boo cat, funny

seven. When this winter is over I'm going to buy a bunch of skirts and never wear pants again.

eight. Sunday night I watched the making of the first season of American Horror Story and then that night I dreamed about Evan Peters. #notmad
Evan Peters, American Horror Story

nine. Last week for my "new dish each week" goal I made Crockpot Chicken Chili. A coworker gave me the recipe and this one is really close if not the same one. It was the. bomb. Thursday night it's Mexican Lasagna Rolls. Wish me luck!

ten. I'll leave you with this. Enjoy. ALAN! ALAN! ALAN!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Why My Weekend was Awesome

Why My Weekend was Awesome, weekend recap

-Friday was (of course) Valentine's Day. I just love this day. The pink and red, all the hearts, the candy... After work Chris and I got all gussied up and went to our fancy shmancy, one time a year restaurant. I'll be dreaming about that steak for a week. We didn't do gifts buuut....I surprised him with a Datevitation coupon book I won from a giveaway. I'd been trying to win one for months and finally did just in time!
Daddy stopped by before we left to give me chocolates and a card that made me cry (his always do).
valentines day, chocolates, why my weekend was awesome

-Saturday Chris had his first practice for the little league season coming up and the kitties had a vet appointment. Their favorite. I can't take them by myself so Kaylen went with me. Her only stipulation was that she didn't want to have to carry Gus. Poor fat boy. It's always an event taking them to the vet. After we dropped them off we got breakfast at Ihop (our favorite) and piddled around for a little while. We drove to Daniel's house to pick him up and he asked Kaylen to move his 4-wheeler. (He can't drive it yet since his accident.) Kaylen told me to hop on and I rode my first 4-wheeler ever. This is how it went down:
Good times.
After that little adventure Chris and I went to pick the heathens up. They were being so hateful the vet actually asked us to come to the back and get them in their crates because they wouldn't let any of the techs touch them. That's a new low even for them. Like I said, always an event.

-Sunday was just a typical Sunday. My favorite day of the week. Church with Mom, Dad, and Kaylen then lunch and goofing off after. We ate at Dad's favorite place, ran a few errands, got some Dairy Queen, and listened to Disney music on the way home. It doesn't sound like much but it was perfect. Sundays usually are. It's days like that that remind me how blessed I am just to have the people in my life that I do. When I got home I had the house to myself (well, and the kitties) so I vacuumed, did some laundry and dishes and watched Tombstone. My last post made me want to watch it!

If you had an awesome weekend and blogged it, leave your link in the comments!
Have a great week!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Movies for Valentine's Day (...Kind Of)

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m super excited for two reason:

1) Tonight is our annual Eat Like Rich People Valentine’s Day dinner. We’re foregoing gifts and getting all fussed up in my dress and his suit and going to splurge a little. I consider myself lucky to have a guy that actually likes Valentine’s Day. =)
2) I get to link up with two of my favorites, Sarah and Helene, for their Valentine’s Day link-up!

When Sarah and Helene announced the link-up I got to thinking about what I could post about. Valentine's Day traditions, what to wear on V-Day, sweet treats to make your significant other....nothing really came to me. Then I thought "I know! I'll make a list of some great romantic movies to watch for a date night in!". Except...I'm not a huge fan of romances or even romantic comedies. (I know, I make a bad girl.) So...I compromised and made you a list of some movies that I do enjoy....with a little love thrown in to make it appropriate for your romantic movie night in with your lova.
You're welcome.

Movies for Valentine's Day, unromantic movies, my favorite movies, two-thirds scarlett

valentine's day movies, pearl harbor
 photo pearlharborpic_zps3305a3ff.jpg
A World War ll era love triangle between a beautiful nurse and two flyboy best friends….
Or a moving war movie featuring some of the most wonderfully shot battle scenes in recent history. In my humble opinion, this movie would have benefited from a little more war and little less romance.

Valentine's Day movies, Die hard
Die Hard gif, John McClain, movies for valentine's day
A story of a man and wife on the brink of divorce brought back together through dire circumstances…
Or the best action movie ever made featuring plenty of automatic weapons, explosions (see above gif), bodies being thrown out of windows and European terrorists. Plus a young, evil Alan Rickman. Yippee ki-yay!

Valetntine's Day movies, Tombstone
Tombstone gif, Kurt Russell, movies for valentine's day
A sweeping western romance about a notorious lawman choosing between the comfort of one woman and the adventure of another….
Or an epic shoot em up, kill em up, take no prisoners western surrounding the most famous shoot out of all time. Plus a wickedly funny (and cute) Val Kilmer.

Valentine's Day Movies, Sweeney Todd
movies for Valentine's day, johnny depp, sweeney todd
The tragic story of love lost and a woman’s affection for an unreachable man…
Or a dark opera about a razor wielding, homicidal maniac’s quest for vengeance. Not short on bright red blood, gruesome death sequences and a body count as high as Johnny Depp’s hairdo.

valentine's day movies, the departed
the departed gif, leonardo dicaprio, movies for valentine's day
The complicated love triangle between a therapist, her patient and her police/mafia boyfriend…
Or a three hour long, uber violent, modern mob movie where everyone is two-timing everyone, the f-word is spoken about 3,274 times, and everyone unceremoniously gets shot in the head in the end. And Leo's in it. I mean, hello.

valentines day movies, silence of the lambs
valentines day movies, hannibal lecter, silence of the lambs
The touching story of an FBI trainee and the mysterious doctor trying to woo her....
Or the bloodcurdling story of said FBI trainee trying to solve the case of a woman-skinning serial killer with the help of a cannibalistic psychiatrist. One of the greatest and most disturbing movies you'll ever see. Fava beans, anyone?

So pick one of these classic romances, grab your favorite bottle of wine (a nice chianti perhaps?) and whether you're single or spoken for, have a GREAT Valentine's Day.

valentine's day link-up, venus trapped in mars, helene in between

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Snowmageddon Pt 2, TWD, and Terrified Red Pandas

Ten on Tuesday, link up, random, two-thirds scarlett

one. Snowmaggedon continues apparently. I'm sitting here this morning waiting for word on whether or not I'm not going to work. More on this developing story later. [Spoiler Alert: I went to work.]

I never liked Carl. Rick did a very convincing walker act. What was up with that? I'm glad we got some of Michonne's backstory. I seriously can't wait for next week to see what Darly, Maggie, and Glenn are up to.

three. I was bored one night and IMDBing Sixteen Candles and saw that there's a book, You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried: The Brat Pack, John Hughes, And Their Impact on a Generation. Why have I never heard of this and where can I find it?

four. My kitchen still smells like bacon. I cooked bacon Saturday morning...

five. Basically.
kitten attack, how I want to die

six. Is it bad that last week no less than two days I woke up thinking "great! I can get to work so I can have COFFEE!"?

seven. I don't know if this is an actual prom photo or not but if it is, props to them. They're nothing if not committed.
disney prom, princesses

eight. We went to a couples bridal shower Saturday and it made me want to get married again!!

nine. Tonight on the new Chef Alyssa menu is Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili. Say that 5 times fast.

ten. Hahaha!

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Glossy Blonde

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ten Things to Know About Me // Victoria's Secret Giveaway

First off, hello to my new followers! I think my recent surge in followers might have something to do with this little $215 VS giveaway (at the bottom of this post) hosted by Shane. Just maybe.
I thought this would be a perfect time to do a little "me in a nutshell" post for the new faces. While you're reading the blog (and I hope you are) here are ten things you should know about me:

ten things, to know about me, victorias secret giveaway, cat shirt

one. My dad got the idea for my name from Alyssa Milano, but it's pronounced differently. Think "Lisa" with "uh" at the beginning. After people getting it wrong in every way for years I'll answer to just about anything. But if call me Lisa I will ignore you.

two. In my wildest dreams I'm a UFC fighter and my intro music is Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys.

three. I live for weekends and Sunday is my favorite day of the week. It usually consists of church, lunch and goofing off with my family that I love so much.

four. I like to read and horror novels are some of my favorites, especially The Exorcist.

five. Some of my favorite expressions are Mother of Pearl, For Pity's Sake and HOLY CRAP!

six. I used to be a picky eater until I realized everything I was missing out on! Now I'll eat just about anything you put in front of me. Expect tomatoes. Little red satan fruits is what they are.

seven. I never went to college. Not one day.

eight. Imagine Dragons' Night Visions album is me in music form.

nine. I'm very introverted and social situations sometimes stress me out. But it works out perfectly being married to an extreme extrovert.

ten. I like dogs, I really do. I'm just a cat person through and through. (If the shirt in the pic didn't make that clear enough.)

Now that you know the basics of Alyssa (not Lisa), feel free to enter this truly AWESOME Victoria's Secret giveaway.
PS. Hope to see you tomorrow for Ten on Tuesday!

No matter if you have a significant other or not this Valentine's Day, I believe, we as ladies deserve to be pampered. And what woman wouldn't want to feel super sexy?  24 of my favorite bloggers out there have teamed up to give one lucky lady a $215 gift card to spoil yourself silly!

Giveaway will run until February 14th. All entries will be verified, so play nicely :)

psttt! Looking for some more pretty faces to spotlight. Use code: CUPID for $5 off any spot until Valentine's Day! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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