Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Goal - Chef Alyssa

Dear friends, I’ve decided to set a goal for myself.

But, Alyssa, shouldn’t you have made this goal at the beginning of January?

No, because that would make it more like a resolution and I don’t make New Years resolutions.
Moving on.

The fast ended last Sunday and I succeeded with flying colors (in my mind anyway). That night while I was home alone I thought I’d order myself a large stuffed crust pizza to celebrate. Supreme minus onions and mushroom add black olives. My favie.

…But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. And I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because after eating better than my norm for three weeks I realized how much junk I put into my body. Maybe it’s because I watched Julie and Julia over the weekend. I suddenly have the desire to (attempt to) cook. Most of the time when I “cook” it’s out of a box or bag.

So my goal is this: cook something new with actual, real ingredients once a week. That might not seem like anything to get excited over but for me it is.
Dita Von Teese, retro kitchen, kitchen pin up
This isn't exactly what I look like in the kitchen.  I wear flats, not heels.
Friday night I tried a recipe I found on pinterest (big fat duh) and let's just say it sucked majorly. I thought these Cheesy Chicken Roll-Ups would be simple and they pretty much were. I even got to butterfly and beat chicken with a mallet for the first time. (The mallet part was somewhat therapeutic.) I rolled the cheese mixture up with little difficulty and got the sauce poured over them and in the oven. An hour later when I pulled them out, the cheese had all but completely oozed out of the chicken and was floating in the sauce. We basically ate rolled up chicken with a little cheese.

THIS Pinterest recipe I tried last night however was easier and more...what's the word....we actually wanted to eat it.

meican chicken recipe
Even I couldn't screw that up.
On the new menu next week? Cheesy Chicken Chili. I don't know what it is with us and chicken and cheese. Oh wait, yes I do. Chicken is easy to cook and we just love cheese.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Man, if I looked like Dita Von teese, I would be in the kitchen wearing that dress and heels every. single. day.

    Anywho, Pinterest is tough. I have made some DOOZIES, but, I've also made some pretty kick ass stuff. Also look on I made a lot of the stuff I find on there. Good for you for staying healthy. I totally would have ordered that pizza :-)

  2. Yay for you! Cooking can be fun, plus it's cheaper than eating out so often.

  3. I have really enjoyed cooking over the last few years. I never thought I would say that but I really do love it. Trying new recipes gets me all nerdy excited. I just hate when something doesn't turn out good though! I will say that for every 10 recipes I try, only one of them is disappointing. So there is some encouragement!


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