Friday, February 14, 2014

Movies for Valentine's Day (...Kind Of)

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m super excited for two reason:

1) Tonight is our annual Eat Like Rich People Valentine’s Day dinner. We’re foregoing gifts and getting all fussed up in my dress and his suit and going to splurge a little. I consider myself lucky to have a guy that actually likes Valentine’s Day. =)
2) I get to link up with two of my favorites, Sarah and Helene, for their Valentine’s Day link-up!

When Sarah and Helene announced the link-up I got to thinking about what I could post about. Valentine's Day traditions, what to wear on V-Day, sweet treats to make your significant other....nothing really came to me. Then I thought "I know! I'll make a list of some great romantic movies to watch for a date night in!". Except...I'm not a huge fan of romances or even romantic comedies. (I know, I make a bad girl.) So...I compromised and made you a list of some movies that I do enjoy....with a little love thrown in to make it appropriate for your romantic movie night in with your lova.
You're welcome.

Movies for Valentine's Day, unromantic movies, my favorite movies, two-thirds scarlett

valentine's day movies, pearl harbor
 photo pearlharborpic_zps3305a3ff.jpg
A World War ll era love triangle between a beautiful nurse and two flyboy best friends….
Or a moving war movie featuring some of the most wonderfully shot battle scenes in recent history. In my humble opinion, this movie would have benefited from a little more war and little less romance.

Valentine's Day movies, Die hard
Die Hard gif, John McClain, movies for valentine's day
A story of a man and wife on the brink of divorce brought back together through dire circumstances…
Or the best action movie ever made featuring plenty of automatic weapons, explosions (see above gif), bodies being thrown out of windows and European terrorists. Plus a young, evil Alan Rickman. Yippee ki-yay!

Valetntine's Day movies, Tombstone
Tombstone gif, Kurt Russell, movies for valentine's day
A sweeping western romance about a notorious lawman choosing between the comfort of one woman and the adventure of another….
Or an epic shoot em up, kill em up, take no prisoners western surrounding the most famous shoot out of all time. Plus a wickedly funny (and cute) Val Kilmer.

Valentine's Day Movies, Sweeney Todd
movies for Valentine's day, johnny depp, sweeney todd
The tragic story of love lost and a woman’s affection for an unreachable man…
Or a dark opera about a razor wielding, homicidal maniac’s quest for vengeance. Not short on bright red blood, gruesome death sequences and a body count as high as Johnny Depp’s hairdo.

valentine's day movies, the departed
the departed gif, leonardo dicaprio, movies for valentine's day
The complicated love triangle between a therapist, her patient and her police/mafia boyfriend…
Or a three hour long, uber violent, modern mob movie where everyone is two-timing everyone, the f-word is spoken about 3,274 times, and everyone unceremoniously gets shot in the head in the end. And Leo's in it. I mean, hello.

valentines day movies, silence of the lambs
valentines day movies, hannibal lecter, silence of the lambs
The touching story of an FBI trainee and the mysterious doctor trying to woo her....
Or the bloodcurdling story of said FBI trainee trying to solve the case of a woman-skinning serial killer with the help of a cannibalistic psychiatrist. One of the greatest and most disturbing movies you'll ever see. Fava beans, anyone?

So pick one of these classic romances, grab your favorite bottle of wine (a nice chianti perhaps?) and whether you're single or spoken for, have a GREAT Valentine's Day.

valentine's day link-up, venus trapped in mars, helene in between

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  1. Yes, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!! I dig it. Great love stories, indeed. Screw Titanic! When I want romance, I turn on Die Hard!
    In all my years as a nurse, I have never found myself in a love triangle with Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett (whatever happened to him?). I call bullshit!

    Enjoy your dinner tonight! I LOVE getting all dolled up for a fancy meal! <3 Take pics!

  2. Haha, I am a sucker for Pearl Harbour, the romance is a little unbelievable but I just can't turn away!
    Have fun on your fancy date!!

  3. hahaha yes!! i love these picks! have fun at dinner tonight!

  4. haha! You certainly have an interesting take on Valentine's Day movies. I liked Sweeney Todd but I seem to recall running away at some of the more gruesome parts...

  5. Ah, the Rich People's Dinner! Glad we're not the only couple with that tradition! And I think these are some great picks. I'm not big on typical romances either, so I usually end up with action films with a small side of romance.

  6. My husband wouldn't mind these picks at all, and neither would I, actually! The fancy schmancy dinner sounds fabulous. I would much rather have a reason to get all gussied up and have a night out with my man over a Valentine's Day gift!
    Eva Marie

  7. I vote Sweeny Todd! Because when Johnny Depp is involved, can you really say no?

  8. This is hilarious.

    I'm going to watch House of Cards tonight. Which, incidentally, is exactly like Silence of the Lambs.

    Happy Valentine's Day Alyssa!

  9. We watched riddick tonight. happy valentine's day!

  10. i love that you have silence of the lambs in your valentines post! but, yes. leo! ...that one is now in queue for our next movie!


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