Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Fever // My Imaginary Closet

Two weeks ago we were dodging blizzards and yesterday it got up into the lower 70's. It was THE most beautiful, nicest day I've seen in a while. It gave us a little glimmer of springtime warmth. It felt amazing to not have to wear a jacket for the first time in months. As much as I adore autumn and cold weather, that little spring preview made me long for warmer temps and sunshine if for no other reason than sandals and tank tops. With springtime on my mind, I took to Polyvore to take out some winter aggression and create/find some perfect outfits I'd like to see in my closet when warm weather comes:

Spring preview, my style, warm weather, polyore
My Polyvore

spring preview, shopping, my style, polyvore
Lisaeaster Polyvore

spring preview, my style, polyvore, shopping
My Polyvore

polyvore, shopping,spring preview, my style
Bradierenee Polyvore

polyvore, my style, spring preview, shopping
My Polyvore

polyvore, spring preview, my style, shopping
Pixerdoll Polyvore

polyvore, my style, spring preview, shopping
My Polyvore

If these easy, breezy outfits don't make you want to burn your sweaters, I don't know what will.
Have a wonderful, warm week!

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  1. I just order a green vest like the one in your post. From Old Navy. I can't wait to get it in the mail

  2. I like all of these! I would pick different colours, but still.

  3. I love these outfits! 70s?! We just got snow! I'm ready for spring, for sure.


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