Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - DWTS, Target Win and Dixie's New Toy

Hello and Happy Tuesday! If you've never linked up for Ten on Tuesday before, list ten things that are your mind, serious or silly. That's it! Make your list, grab a button, and link back up here!

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one. Sunday while I was home alone the worst thing in the world that could happen happened.... The power went out. Cue panic attack.

two. The new season's Dancing With the Stars cast was announced last week. Kind of a ho hum cast if you ask me. (You didn't ask, but I'm going to tell you anyway.) I think I'm going to be rooting for DJ Tanner!

three. For dinner one night last week in my Chef Alyssa challenge I made this awesome grilled cheese. I LOVED it. Chris not so much. The filling was so good I ate the leftover with saltines. Yum.

four. Well when you look at it like that...
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five. THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS HERE! Three freaking episodes left and there's SO much left to tell. Terminus? The doctor that knows how it started trying to get to DC?? They better step it up these three weeks because I have to tell you, so far I've been really disappointed with this half season.

six. I can't believe I left this out of my Oscars fashion recap post. Pink's ruby performance dress deserved to be in my GOOD category and every other best dressed list made that night. Stunning.
 photo pinkinellesaab_zps595ba410.jpg
seven. I went to Target Saturday for some makeup removers. Walked out with said makeup removers, a bottle of coral Essie nail polish, Catching Fire and Pride and Prejudice for $5 at the checkout counter. Target wins again.

eight. I'm kind of digging this daylight savings time thing in the evening. Last night after I left work at 6, I got home and opened the windows to let the sunshine in. It feels really weird since it's been pitch black for so long when I leave work. What I'm NOT digging about daylight savings time? That it's almost 7 a.m. and I still see no light outside.

nine. My mother bought Gus and Dixie that toy you see advertised on TV. After 30 minutes of staring at it Dixie finally decided to play. I don't think she quite understood the concept.
Notice who's NOT playing with the new toy. Gus. Not interested at all.

ten. Hahaha! Can't pick a favorite!
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  1. 1. That always puts me into stealth ninja mode. I'm sure the power has been cut on purpose!
    2. Glad I'm not the only one who said "meh".
    3. Glad you're enjoying cooking!
    4. Hmmmm.
    5. Skipping this one! Can you believe I haven't even started this series yet?!
    6. Pink's style has really evolved over the years. She looks great.
    7. Amen to Target!
    8. I couldn't wrap my head around having daylight at dinner time last night. It was weird! But yeah, it's really dark right now and it oughtn't to be!!
    9. My cats never "get" new toys either!
    10. I think I like the yawn the best, but they're all cute :D

  2. That is a great target win! I am jonesing for a new spring polish! Last night I was dirving home from the doctors, and it was 7pm and still light out. made me so happy!!! You're really kicking butt at this cooking thing!

  3. Haha that video of Dixie is soooo funny! :) I am thinking about getting this toy for my cats too but I am not sure how long it would survive.
    I guess Target always wins. :)
    I am sure your cooking is fantastic! I want to try more recipes as well!
    #10 makes me laugh so much! :) Thanks for sharing!
    And oh, I so need to catch up on Walking Dead! I am far behind!

  4. I was in the shower on Friday when the electricity went out at my house! I almost died trying to get our of there as quickly as possible!

  5. I completely agree on TWD, it's just a little too much train track walking and not enough plot progression for me! I keep thinking it's time to give it up, but I need to know how it all ends!
    I feel like Target in the US far outweighs the Canadian version- I am so jealous of your finds!

  6. I love the cats and Target always wins! Pink's dress was breathtaking, as was her performance!


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