Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Easter Decor, Cap'n Crunch Sandwiches, and Beatboxing Baby

Ten on Tuesday, two-thirds scarlett, link up, random

one. It was a really good weekend. Target shopping with Kaylen and a weenie roast with the fam Saturday night then church and lunch with David, Tracie and the babies Sunday. I HATE for weekends like this to end.
Weenie Roast, firepit, weekend

two. Well it was a nice little spring we had. Seriously, two days of pretty and then back to winter.

three. I ran on the treadmill for the first time Sunday. Two minutes. Not consecutive.

four. I put together a smaller version of this for my desk at work. I love holidays. I think I've mentioned that before.
easter decor, office decor, eater eggs

five. THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS HERE! YAY for Glenn and Maggie! Truth be told I didn't really like her when we were first introduced to her on the farm. She's grown on me though. I really liked how last night's episode jumped between groups. I'm predicting that Carol and Ty are already at Terminus since they're the only ones we didn't see.

six. Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the day the Breakfast Club served detention.  Cap'n Crunch sandwiches anyone?

seven. Words of advice from Chris: You know if our society lived life like it was a Comedy Central Roast we would be a much happier nation and wouldn't have near as many problems as we have today cause so many people would be able to get that sand outta their vagina and not get so butthurt over something that someone else says or does.

eight. Someone would surely die.
scary, prank, dementor

nine. Prepare for cuteness:

ten. The cats are currently in a state of revolt since they haven't been allowed free reign of the bedroom because of the new bedspread. Dixie is as we speak protesting from the other side of the door. But no matter how bad it gets....I will never call 911 because of a cat.

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  1. I snorted at Chris' words of advice. And I have to say, he is absolutely right. You go, Chris!
    I want to have a Weenie Roast. That just sounds like fun!
    Beat boxing baby is cute. I can't stand that video with the 3 y/o bitching about cupcakes and calling his mom Linda. Why is that adorable??
    I just can't with #8.... Hell no

  2. #1 So jealous you had weather nice enough to have a weenie roast!
    #5 I was so happy when I realized they found each other! Though burning the picture seemed a little unnecessary.
    #8 is so creepy. What an awful thing to do to someone!

  3. 2. Seriously
    3. yay! progress
    6. What?! 30 years?
    7. Haha!

  4. I'm pretty sure if someone put that thing in my hallway they would die. I'm all for fun cute pranks but that's on another level, sheesh!

  5. Hahaha calling 911 because of a cat. They were making fun of that on the radio recently. Cracks me up! But some cats be super scary, I ain't gonna lie!

  6. Haha that baby video is so cute and funny!
    My cats totally do the same thing...which is why they are always allowed to sleep in my bed. :)
    #8 is pretty creepy and funny! One night David woke me up and said that there was a man standing next to me. Also a bit creepy. I don't know if he dreamed that or what. Maybe it was a ghost!

  7. glad you had a great weekend, I love the eggs in the glasses vase.

  8. I definitely watched The Breakfast club on its anniversary. Such a classic!
    And two minutes is better than none, right? ;)


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