Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - New Haircut, TWD, and Sheppards Pie

Ten on Tuesday, linkup, random

One. THE WALKING DEAD SPOILERS HERE! Holy mother of pearl. FINALLY an episode that left my jaw dropped. I knew Lizzy was a little psychopath and had to go. I knew it when she almost smothered the baby. I just HATE that she killed her sweet little sister first. Oh my stars what a gut wrenching scene when Carol shot her. Chris was saying “she won’t do it, she won’t do it”. I was about to open my mouth to say “It’s CAROL. Of COURSE she will!” And bam. I told Chris from now on when he makes me angry I’m going to tell him to look at the flowers. Also I’m glad they finally answered some questions from the prison AND I’m glad Carol confessed to Ty and he forgave her. What a great episode. Best episode of this half season by far.

Two. I got a new haircut but I’m a terrible blogger and haven’t taken any selfies of it. This was my inspiration.  Oh and there’s a few pink strands in it. I’ve NEVER colored my hair before. EVER. And the first color I use is pink. It washes out in 2-10 washes but I like it so much I might make it more….dare I say…permanent.
Reese Witherspoon haircut, hair inspiration, medium haircut
Three. If this computer freezes ONE more time....

Four. I got a new bedspread over the weekend and I DID get a picture of it. Finally no more clashing purples! I’m in love with it. Target FTW.
Threshold bedspread, gray bedding, target bedding
My Bedspread

Five. I tried a new sheppards pie recipe Saturday night. Cheesy Creole Sheppards Pie to be exact. I was stingy with the creole seasoning because I don’t like spice but I definitely could’ve used more and it be fine.

Six. YES! Hahaha.
 photo eatingfreedom_zpse66872f5.jpg

Seven. I used my new treadmill that was so generously given to me (shout out to Pam!) for the first time over the weekend. I might be hooked. It feels good to walk! I kept it at a brisk but not fast pace, only a slight incline and Chris made me use the fan, you know, so I don’t pass or anything. So far so good!

Eight. DWTS: I haven't watched it yet! But I already know I'm going to be cheering for DJ Tanner
Nine. I'm really excited to see the new Need for Speed movie. Only because Aaron Paul is in it. That's typically not my kind of movie at all and I wouldn't bother to see it if it weren't for Jesse Aaron. Le sigh...

Ten. This cat is probably so embarrassed right now.

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  1. I always enjoy your posts on Tuesday ....I want to see your hair!!!!!

  2. I just watched TWD last night, that was seriously intense. I knew Lizzy had something going on, but that was not how I thought things would go. Definitely the best (most unsettling) episode in a while!

    The new comforter looks fantastic!

  3. your new bedding is super nice. I would love to get pink in my hair but it is to dark.

  4. Haha that cat is awesome. I need to teach my cats how to bark!
    I am sure your hair looks fantastic! Love the idea to color it pink! I had pink hair before and I loved it!
    I really need to catch up on Walking Dead!!
    That bedspread is so fantastic!
    #6 is so cool!
    Have a great Tuesday!

  5. My cat barks sometimes too! I love the idea of pink streaks, and I think you picked a great inspo pic. And yay for the treadmill, you'll have so much fun with that!

  6. You have to snap a pic of the pink hair! I bet it looks awesome, and you should def add more permanent color! I just played the barking cat for my sister's cat, Gordie, and she started freaking out! Lol

  7. I love the new bedspread! Super cute.


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