Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dear PMS

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Dear PMS,

Screw you and the hormonal horse you rode in on.

Instead of making me a blubbering, pathetic mess why can’t you make me, oh I don’t know, pleasant?? I’m not even asking for you to make me ridiculously happy or perpetually cheerful. Just for the love, stop making me cry for no freaking reason. And no, the “Most Memorable Year of Your Life” episode of Dancing with the Stars is not a good enough reason. A bad hair day is not a good enough reason. Jigsaw World malfunctioning is not a good enough reason.
And if you could stop making me want to murder every person that has the audacity to walk into whatever room I’m currently in that would be nice too. Seriously, the mood swings? Not amused.

You and I used to be on good terms with each other. I feel like we had an understanding. That probably went out the window around the same time I yelled at Chris for breathing too loud.

Please for the sake of myself, my husband and my cats, release your death grip and return me to my normal, happy state of mind.
Just get it together.  I'd appreciate it.

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  1. I've been ready to hurt people for breathing too loud also! Looks like we're on the same mood swingset!

  2. Ha! You are too funny! I hope you feel better soon! And my mood ring would be a disco ball too today! :)


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