Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Divergent, TSwfit and The Duchess

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one. The hubs and his bromance went to New Orleans this weekend for Wrestlemania. I was SO proud of myself because I slept at the house by myself Friday night. Perhaps because I knew I was sleeping on a 9mm or perhaps because I was so tired I didn't have time to be paranoid before I fell asleep. Whatever works.

two. I finished reading Divergent Saturday morning and went to watch the movie that afternoon with Kaylen and her bestie Allison. I LOVED it. It's so cool to see a story you've only imagined in your head come to life with characters you can put a face to. It's also cool when one of those faces is so good looking it should be illegal.
Theo James, Four, Tobias Eaton

three. I don't know what's gotten into me lately but I've just really felt like shopping.  Maybe it's spring fever.  But anywho I scored and found a pair of cute combat style boots for....$14.99.  Forever21 of course.  First day it's not raining I'm breaking those bad boys in.

four. Did anyone see my homegirl, TSwift at the ACM Awards?  I've said it before but I'll say it again.  Girl should be a model.  A job where she doesn't have to open her mouth.

five. This weekend, while awesome, was the most unproductive weekend ever.  Not one dish or piece of laundry was washed.  And I'm cool with that.

six. Hahaha.
cat hair extensions

seven. It rained SO much Sunday night that I had to take a detour to work yesterday because of flooding.  FLOODING!  That never happens here.

eight. Did you see my actual homegirl, Kate on the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand?  I'll take that coat in a size six, thanks.  And prince George is so handsome!  Looks just like Will.
duchess kate, kate middleton, new zealand trip

nine. This seems to be happening more and more to me....
stop talking, awkward moment

ten. 266 until Disney.  That's a total copout because I don't have ten things!  Bad Alyssa.

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  1. 1. Good for you!

    5. There's nothing wrong with that.

    6. Ha!

    8. Beautiful! Can I get her wardrobe? Also, how does that hat stay on her head?

    9. Been there.

  2. Ohhh I like that coat too! And the shoes!

    I pretty much am totally jealous of your Disney trip. Why wasn't I invited?!?!

    The weather was absolutely ridiculous Sunday night!!!! I got zero sleep and may have given myself an ulcer from worrying so much. People were being rescued by boats. What the crap?!

  3. I think now we all want to see your new boots. :) I really feel like shopping right now too!
    I love unproductive weekends! Sometimes that is just what you need. :)
    Poor kitty! I am sure my cat would look the same way!
    Kate always looks so classy! I would like to have her wardrobe!

  4. 1. I get paranoid about sleeping in the house alone, too!
    2. I need to see that!
    3. Pics please!
    4. Yes.
    5. Sometimes you just need that :)
    6. Har!
    7. Yikes! It's rained a lot here too but no flooding (yet).
    8. I just adore her. She's so classy.
    9. Every day.
    10. I have trouble thinking of ten things too every week!

  5. 2. I haven't seen Divergent yet, but I have to! I've been following the books since it came out, so I'm kinda nervous, but I've heard nothing but good reviews. Also, Theo James is a hottie!
    3. Sounds like a steal! I may need to go on a little spring shopping spree!
    8. Kate is always gorgeous! Love that coat...I need it too, even if I don't have anywhere to wear it to! Prince George is a cutie!
    10. YAAAAY DISNEY TRIP!!!!! Those are always fun, of course!

  6. 3. I love combat boots, I got a cheap pair (though not quite as good as your deal) from gojane in the fall. They are my favourite shoes for sure!
    5. Unproductive weeks are so great!
    8. Thank you for this. I missed this picture. He does look exactly like Will. Such a cute family.
    9. I think I'm the person who can't take the hint. At least sometimes.

    p.s. sorry I'm late to the party today!

  7. 1. I don't like being alone for the night, either. But sleeping with a 9mm sounds bad ass
    2. Haven't read or seen it
    3. In the mid 90's, all I ever wore was combat boots and baby doll dresses. SOOOO Angela Chase
    4. Yeah, she looked hot, but I can't freaking stand her
    6. Poor poor kitty!
    8. That jacket is stunning. I wish I could dress like her a day... or three.
    9. I have a friend that never shuts up on the phone, and it takes forever to hang up.


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