Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - A Thank You, A Guilty Dog, and a Viral Husband

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one. Got to be honest. I was feeling pretty unsure of myself when I hit the publish button on yesterday's post. Thank you thank thank you to all the ladies who left me kind words.

two. This weekend was such a good one! Shopping with K, a sweet friend's beautiful butterfly themed wedding and church and running around with K and Mom Sunday. At Kaylen's request we visited Steel City Pops after lunch. I had never been. K got Vanilla Cream and I got pomegranate.
mother daughter, sister, sunday afternoon
three. Chris and I FINALLY watched The Great Gatsby all the way through. Clearly I remember NOTHING from reading the book in high school because it came as a shock to me when he died in the end. And Chris is now determined to bring back the expression "old sport".

four. I've got a major case of spring fever. I just want to be outside wearing sandals and sunglasses all. the. time.

five. Today is not only the dreaded tax day, it also marks 102 years since the Titanic sank. I realize this is only a big deal to nerds like me...

six. It's a dead giveaway:
guilty dog, sex scandal, politicians

seven. Speaking of spring fever I got a new swim suit over the weekend. Kaylen took me to this magical place called Everything But Water. It's the bees knees and has SO many options. After trying on about ten different styles I finally decided on one.

eight. After our two go over the rainbow bridge we will only have hairless cats because the amount of time it takes to sweep and vacuum the fur out of this house is silly.

nine. After going to Wrestlemania in New Orleans LAST weekend, Chris went to Raw in Birmingham last night.  He got a few seconds of air time but didn't quite go viral in the wrestling world like him and his buddies did a few months ago:
You'll know when you see it. He's far right black shirt. I'm so proud.

ten. Hahaha!
comic sans, the emperors new groove

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  1. so happy to hear you had a great weekend

  2. 1. It was brave (and awesome) of you to share so much yesterday! I read your post, but like a creeper didn't comment.
    3. I haven't seen the movie, but I read the book in university and I remember liking it.
    4. Yesterday was super mild here, it was t-shirt weather and today it's rain, ice pellets and snow.
    5. Love that you mentioned the Titanic. I have been fascinated since I was a kid and always quietly think about the anniversary.
    6. That's hilarious.
    9. Also hilarious- he was so excited in a manly sort of way!

    Happy Tuesday :)

  3. 1. There's no reason to rush things.
    3. I never read the book, but I want to now that I know it takes place in the twenties.
    4. me too
    9. Cool!
    10. HAHA!

  4. 1. I just read your post and I think it's awesome you did publish it :)
    2. Yay for good weekends! The wedding sounds lovely.
    3. I loved The Great Gatsby! I didn't expect to love it nearly so much, but it was amazing--especially all of the clothes, and the sets. Baz did an amazing job.
    4. I have spring fever too. It's slowly getting there...
    5. I can't believe it's been that long!
    6. :P
    7. I love the suit! I don't even want to think about swimsuits yet. The lakes don't really get warm enough for swimming until July or so :(
    8. I just got a pet hair mitt from Walmart and it's doing wonders for picking up pet fur off the furniture. It's ridiculous how much they shed!
    9. Nice!
    10. It's so true!

  5. Haha # 10 is so funny! That bathing suit looks awesome! I am still searching for something I feel comfortable in but since I don't even go swimming I am not in a desperate need. :) My cats and bunnies are losing so much fur right now. Especially the white bunny. I can pretty much vacuum every day! Haha, that dog's face is priceless. :)

  6. A lovely weekend, indeed! That comic sans cat gif is friggen funny! And true!

  7. We watched a few minutes of RAW last night because Chris was all "It's here in Birmingham tonight!!!" You have a little star on your hands!

    That bathing suit is super cute! I am feeling you on wanting to wear flip flops and be outside all the time. EXCEPT what the crap is this cold weather today?! I am wearing a winter sweater. WHY!?!

    It has been forever since I read The Great Gatsby too...I would have probably been shocked that he died had you not said anything haha.

  8. I love Everything But Water! They've got such cute stuff!


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