Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - TWD, Oreo Pudding Pie, and The Weepies

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One. WALKING DEAD FINALE SPOILERS HERE!! Holy crap. Went straight for the jugular! Literally! People on facebook seemed a little put off by that. Really? That’s where you draw the line? A woman dies in childbirth and is then eaten by zombies, an old man gets his head chopped off with a samurai sword, a little crazy girl is executed and THIS is just too much? The guy’s son is about to get raped so to save him he rips a murderer’s throat out with his teeth. I’m good with that. To quote Napoleon Dynamite "what the heck would YOU do in a situation like that?!"

Two. I’ve had a serious case of the weepies this past week. The crying didn’t end after the jigsaw world crisis Thursday. I went to my little cousin’s dance competition Saturday and found myself bawling over a bunch of girls I don’t know dancing to a mediocre father/daughter Cinderella song. Kaylen saw tears running down my face and said “what is WRONG with you?!” All I could say was “I don’t know! This isn’t even that great of a song! [sob sob]”. Stupid freaking hormones.
are you crying gif, emma stone

Three. Every case of the weepies needs some chocolate. Soooo I made an Oreo Pudding Pie. An unholy MESS to make but it’s so good it’s bad.

Four. We finally watched The Wolf of Wall Street this weekend. Boobs EVERYWHERE. Other than that it made me mad all over again that my Leo didn’t win the Oscar.

Five. Hahaha. Ours are never QUITE this bad:
cat family picture, mad cat

Six. Birmingham has gone 169 consecutive days without hitting 80 degrees. For my yankee northern friends, that’s a pretty big deal. That streak ranks in the top 10 longest below 80 streaks ever. Here's praying, crossing our fingers, knocking on wood for a mild spring with NO tornadoes.

Seven. Look at him. Thinking he's human resting that head on MY pillow. You can really tell how, um, fluffy he is here:
not fat just fluffy, gus, cat think it's human

Eight. I got tired of the "what do you want to eat I don't know it doesn't matter to me well it doesn't matter to me either" conversation EVERY Sunday with Mom, Dad and Kaylen so I made a jar with every restaurant in the area and each Sunday we'll pick one and that will be that. This week was Logan's. I'm crossing my fingers for Cheesecake Factory next week. =)

Nine. It kind of miffs me when the kids are laying next to me and they jump up and run to the door when they hear Chris coming home.

Ten. 8 months and 29 days until Disney. That's forever away!!

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  1. 1. TWD- I thought it was badass, Rick is so unpredictable. I do wish we could have gotten a little more information about their plan before it ended for 6 months though!
    2. & 3. Oh no! But, at least you have an excuse to eat that delicious oreo pudding.
    4. I haven't seen that one yet, I'll have to check it out.
    5. HAHAHAHAHA. That cat is awesome.
    7. So precious!

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Oreos are the best! Your cat is so cute. And, uh, fluffy :D I hope you guys don't have any tornadoes this spring. I'm so glad we don't have to deal with those. We used to worry about them when we lived in the Midwest and I hated it!

  3. Oh man your cat is ADORABLE. I love him!

  4. We watched The Wolf on Wallstreet this weekend too! It was SO LONG! I liked it though :)

    Oreo Pie? I am coming over!

  5. Steve and I used to #8 all the time! Usually in the summer we do that with restaraunts we haven't been to.
    That kitty family portrait just made my day. I needed that.

  6. I like this post! And I love your blog! Followed you here and on Bloglovin as well. I hope you'd check my blog too and follow-back. :)


  7. I am still not caught up on Walking Dead! need to watch it soon! And oh, I love Napoleon Dynamite!
    That family picture is hilarious! Haha!
    Now I want some Orea Pudding Pie. Need to try to make a vegan version!
    One of my cats always sleeps on my pillow. I can try to find some space for my head but he is always first. :) Your cat is so cute!
    Sorry for being late, this week is pretty hectic!


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