Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ten on...Wednesday

 photo Ten-on-Tuesday_zpse31d51a9.png

One. Hey, friends. Today is not Tuesday. Obviously. After all the full day of fun we had Monday, I took a shower and crashed with ZERO things on my list of randomness for the next morning. But variety is the spice of life so here I am giving you Ten on WEDNESDAY.

Two. I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. Monday my family and I spent the day at my uncle’s lake house. I’m not a huge fan of water but riding in the front of his pontoon boat was my favorite part. It was the perfect day for it and with wind it wasn’t too terribly hot.
 photo memorialday_zps1abf36db.png

Three. FYI for all my fellow pale people: SPF 30 is the way to go. I applied once and didn’t burn all day!

Four. I found this fascinating. What gorgeous people! Well maybe not Ursala.
 photo disneyrealfaces_zpsf195f25a.jpg

Five. Speaking of Memorial Day, I think a lot of people don’t realize that Memorial Day is specifically to honor those that died in service to our country. It is WONDERFUL that people want to thank veterans for their service ANY day, but the last Monday in May is set aside to remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Six. I've felt super guilty because I fell off the cooking wagon and haven't actually cooked in longer than I care to admit. I've been so tired I've just been crashing as soon as I get home. I still didn't feel like COOKING cooking last night so I compromised and fixed egg sandwiches for dinner. I forgot how much I liked them with ketchup!

Seven. This blew my mind! And that poor cat looks miserable.
 photo pregnantcat_zps79ea369d.jpg

Eight. One of our favorite shows, Master Chef, came back on Monday night! We like it a million times more than Hell's Kitchen. Better people and less drama. And it doesn't seem 100% scripted like HK. Plus there's a girl from Birmingham in the top 22 this season so we have someone to root for!

Nine. Dixie has officially revolted. Why, we're not real sure. Sunday after coming home from lunch we heard the food bowls hit the floor and go spinning. In the kitchen we found that she had completely tumped the bowls out of their holder and food was everywhere. She basically had to be TRYING to flip them over. And she was just sitting there like "Why? Because screw you that's why."

Ten. Beach…beach….beach….

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Disney Baby, Gulf Shores, and Fabulous Cat

Ten on Tuesday

one. This weekend was such a fun one. We celebrated Tyler's first birthday! His party planning queen mother decorated the whole house in Mickey Mouse ears. Le sigh. Love a Disney baby.
Mickey Mouse birthday, birthday, decor, birthday party, disney birthday

two. I was ranting about this while watching the Billboard awards. By what STRETCH of the imagination is Lorde considered rock??? Then her creepy self getting on stage and throwing up the rock on sign.

three. Have I mentioned that I'm ready to go to the beach? I was pinning pictures of Gulf Shores yesterday just out of longing. I've been to a few beaches but NONE as pretty as what you see at the gulf.
gulf shores, al, the beach, boardwalk

four. We’re getting farther into Game of Thrones and Tyrion Lannister is by far our favorite character. I like the blonde girl too. Her new husband scares me a bit though.

five. Fabulous fabulous.
fabulous cat

six. DWTS: We have NOT watched last night's episode but I heard Mark took a spill so I'm wondering if he performed.  At this point I just hope Maks and Meryl take the mirror ball.  They're awesome!

seven. It's 8:15 and I need to be out the door in fifteen minutes. It's not looking good for me.

eight. I am absolutely Irish:
 photo irishproverb_zps45b4fc16.jpg

nine. Today I took off from work. I have a doctor appointment this morning anyway and my Gus Gus has been sickly so to the vet he goes. I'm sure he'll be pissed thrilled.

ten. Speaking of Gus he's being the biggest weirdo right now sitting and licking a plastic bag.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello My Name Is...

 hello my name is, two-thirds scarlett

Any blog tutorial or blogging tip post will tell you that when creating a blog, choosing a good name is of the utmost importance. You want to stand out in a crowd while sticking close to your niche…or something like that.
Before I was Two-Thirds Scarlett (which took me a couple of weeks to nail down) I was Southern Charm. Generic beyond words. If you google “southern charm” about a 15 million different websites pop up featuring home cooking and shabby chic decor. But if you google “Two Thirds Scarlett” guess who is number one. This little blog. See how that works? If you didn’t already know, the current blog name was inspired by my personal icon and this post.

When I came up with the name it hit me like lightning and I knew it was the one I wanted. However there were a few names that got tossed around. Some were serious contenders while others that would’ve been completely relevant to me were just ridiculous. Here’s just a few ideas that went nowhere:

Forever Clumsy – 100% relevant but still no.

Alyssa Renee - Easy enough.  My first and middle name.  But no, because no one would pronounce it right. (Like Lisa with an "uh" in front in case you were wondering.  Not like Alyssa Milano.)

Cat Lady Diaries – Again, completely relevant on so many levels. But did I really want to be another cat lady? But seriously, up to that point my most viewed post ever was this Ten on Tuesday that just happened to have a well placed cat sweater in it. Crazy.

Chasing Scarlett – This was a serious contender…until I googled it and saw that it’s an up and coming band.

A Whitty Blog – A, dare I say, whitty play on words. My last name is Whitt. Get it? Meh.

Was your blog ever called something different?  Why did you change it?
Have an AWESOME weekend!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Game of Thrones, Curly Hair and Bad Beach Pictures

Ten on Tuesday, link up, random, two-thirds scarlett

One. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend! Ours was pretty relaxing. Saturday was breakfast at Waffle House (Chris’ favie), a trip to Target and then lounging around. Sunday was church, lunch with the family AND dinner at Steak n’ Shake. A win all around.

Two. So Solange Knowles beat up Jay-Z in an elevator??? What’s up with that?!

Three. Ever have one of those days where you’re like “….what just happened.” That was my yesterday.
ryan reynolds, what just happened, gif, reaction gif

Four. We started Game of Thrones Saturday and I think I’m going to like this. Ghost children, dragon eggs, and barbarians all in one episode.

Five. Even though we started a new show, I picked my reading back up this weekend! I’m over halfway through Insurgent so I went ahead and bought Allegiant. I’ve heard the ending will make me throw the book at the wall. Can’t wait for that…

Six. Today is an unruly, curly hair day because I simply don't feel like drying it. It might even go in a ponytail. Who knows.

Seven. I need this outfit in my closet:
nautical outfit, summer shorts, casual, polyvore

Eight. I'm making it my mission to watch Frozen in the near future. I was told by an adult male over the weekend that it's the best movie he's seen in a long time and it was so good that in a movie theater of over fifty children singing along all he could focus on was the screen.

Nine. Hahaha!
funny family photo, beach picture, funny

Ten. Speaking of family beach pictures, who's ready for 4th of July beach trip? This girl.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

What I'm Loving

flowers, flowy shirts, taco salad, teal staircase, collage

Flowers: Ever since I saw this gorgeousness on pinterest I'm convinced I need flowers everywhere in my house.

Wearing Sandals: The temperature warmed up and I can finally throw on a pair of match everything sandals and not have to worry about finding the right no-show socks with my sneakers and skinny jeans.  The struggle is real.

Flowy shirts: I could some more flowers in my house and more of these in my closet this summer. Call me a hippie but I even like them equally flowy sleeves.

Tuna Fish Sandwiches: My office mate got me hooked on them.  I had never even eaten chunk light in my 26 years and now I have two boxes at home and two boxes at work.  I'm all about some tuna, mayonnaise, and potato chip sandwiches.

Taco Salad: Again with the Mexican theme here. I don't even add meat on mine when Chris isn't partaking. Just lettuce, cooked corn and black beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream.

Orange is the New Black: I was so excited when I saw the cast was on the cover of this month's Entertainment magazine! And Chris and I timed it just right so we won't have to wait but a month from the first season to the second.

Teal: No surprise there.  I'm still looking for a few more teal accents for my purple bedroom.  I think those colors look better together than they sound.

The weekend:  Can I get an amen?

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Mexican Food, T-Rex, and The Wiggle

Ten on Tuesday, Two-Thirds Scarlett, link up, random

one. Lately all I've wanted to eat is Mexican. Specifically things with black beans and salsa. Mom is fixing tacos tonight so score for Alyssa.

two. Be still my beating heart. If I could get married again it might have to be a Titanic themed wedding.
titanic, wedding, turn of the century

three. We finished the first season of Orange is the New Black and now we're PSYCHED for season two!  I was glad Chapman finally beat down that little freak.

four. Friday night we were sitting in the dark watching a movie and we heard what I sounded like (I kid you not) T-Rex footsteps from Jurassic Park. Chris went straight for the gun. I'm like "you're gonna need a bigger gun". Spoiler alert: it was big fireworks a few miles away.

five. I'm watching Cops and I'm reminded of why I could never be a cop. ZERO patience for drunks.

six. Speaking of Mexican food this will be next on my dinner list:
mexican pizza, food, taco bell copy

seven. One more month until The Fault in Our Stars movie. I don't know I'm so excited for this. I know it's going to crush my soul all over again.

eight. Chris put this on my facebook wall. He knows me too well:

nine. I know I say this all the time but I got a solid seven hours of sleep last night and I still feel like I could get back under the covers and sleep for a few more.

ten. I couldn't agree more:
breathe, just breathe, quote

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week Day by Day

Last week was somewhat…eventful.

Sunday (4/27): I went to church with Mom and Dad per the usual and Chris met us for lunch. Afterward we went to Old Navy to buy his outfit for a wedding he was in this weekend. Naturally It came a monsoon on the way home. Long story short we hydroplaned down a hill and ran up on a curb on the way home. It happened so fast I didn’t have a whole lot of time to react but when I realized we would hit the curb I was afraid the car would flip like they do in movies. Spoiler alert: we didn’t flip. But we DID mess up the axle and the right front tire. Mom and Dad came to the rescue, we called a wrecker and there ya go. Not a fun afternoon. What’s funny (not funny haha) is that I BEGGED Chris to take the road we took so we wouldn’t have to drive the interstate in the rain. Go freakin’ figure.

Monday: We’d been hearing for days about a possible tornado outbreak in the area. I remained calm was fighting panic all day long. After work Chris and I quickly packed up everything we needed for the night, including two very unhappy cats in crates and headed for Mom and Dad’s house. They have a legit storm shelter. We ate dinner and gathered in the living room to watch Spann. There was one approaching storm that we were worried about the when it was about 20 minutes out Mom and Nana retreated to the storm shelter. Ten minutes later I followed. We listened to the radio and I tried to keep the kitties calm. Dixie was protesting her captivity quite vehemently at this point.

Dad is not one to panic. Not one to really even worry as far as I can tell. At least he doesn’t worry until it’s TIME to worry. So when he came downstairs with the rest of the family in tow I started to freak a little. When Spann said this particular rotating storm looked strong on radar, was headed straight for our neck of the woods and Dad made it a point to shut and LOCK the storm shelter door I completely lost it. Inconsolable. This is my worst nightmare. Then the power went out. Thankfully we still had the battery powered radio. After a few minutes that felt like forever we heard that it had turned and missed us. It narrowly missed my place of work by a few blocks. The power stayed out until the morning and I passed out on Mom and Dad’s couch for the night. We dodged another bullet but according to Spann the Man it wasn’t over yet…

Tuesday: I didn’t get to sleep until about 1 o’clock the night before (HIGHLY unusual for me) so I was in zombie mode. But I was honestly just happy that I still HAD a place to come into work. After all of the drama the night before we were due for ANOTHER round of severe weather this night. I felt like I was fighting nausea all day. I was exhausted, I couldn’t focus, and I was constantly on the verge of nervous tears. Another long story short: we went to Mom and Dad’s for a little while and the storms ended up dissipating thank the LORD.

Wednesday: It was the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls and I didn’t wear pink. Dangit.

Thursday: After hitching rides with Chris and Madre all week we got Chris’ car, affectionately named Tyrone back. And I got to drive my Rosie home from the mechanic. Such a good feeling. But the best part of the day? The taco salad from Speedy’s.

Friday: Yea, I got nothing.

Saturday: We drove a couple of hours to said wedding and it was a PERFECT day for lake side nuptials. Good times had by all and Chris looked super handsome in his western wear.
lake, pretty day, couple

After a pleasant Sunday yesterday here's to hoping a for a calm, drama free week this go round.
Happy Monday, friends.

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