Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello My Name Is...

 hello my name is, two-thirds scarlett

Any blog tutorial or blogging tip post will tell you that when creating a blog, choosing a good name is of the utmost importance. You want to stand out in a crowd while sticking close to your niche…or something like that.
Before I was Two-Thirds Scarlett (which took me a couple of weeks to nail down) I was Southern Charm. Generic beyond words. If you google “southern charm” about a 15 million different websites pop up featuring home cooking and shabby chic decor. But if you google “Two Thirds Scarlett” guess who is number one. This little blog. See how that works? If you didn’t already know, the current blog name was inspired by my personal icon and this post.

When I came up with the name it hit me like lightning and I knew it was the one I wanted. However there were a few names that got tossed around. Some were serious contenders while others that would’ve been completely relevant to me were just ridiculous. Here’s just a few ideas that went nowhere:

Forever Clumsy – 100% relevant but still no.

Alyssa Renee - Easy enough.  My first and middle name.  But no, because no one would pronounce it right. (Like Lisa with an "uh" in front in case you were wondering.  Not like Alyssa Milano.)

Cat Lady Diaries – Again, completely relevant on so many levels. But did I really want to be another cat lady? But seriously, up to that point my most viewed post ever was this Ten on Tuesday that just happened to have a well placed cat sweater in it. Crazy.

Chasing Scarlett – This was a serious contender…until I googled it and saw that it’s an up and coming band.

A Whitty Blog – A, dare I say, whitty play on words. My last name is Whitt. Get it? Meh.

Was your blog ever called something different?  Why did you change it?
Have an AWESOME weekend!

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  1. I kinda wish you had gone with Forever Clumsy or Cat Lady Diaries. I am CRACKING UP!!!!!! Every time I see something with your first name, I literally say it out loud the correct way. I was totally blown away when you told me the pronunciation.

    Anywho, my first attempt at a blog was called "I Don't Really Know What Kind of Girl I Am." I was watching Juno as I was setting it up, Juno said that quote, and boom, a blog was born. It lasted two posts, and is now lost in the black hole of blogs. This was years ago. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted it to revolve around lupus. I originally wanted "Livin La Vida Lupus," but it was actually taken. Then "Luck Fupus" came to me, and the rest is history!


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