Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Game of Thrones, Curly Hair and Bad Beach Pictures

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One. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend! Ours was pretty relaxing. Saturday was breakfast at Waffle House (Chris’ favie), a trip to Target and then lounging around. Sunday was church, lunch with the family AND dinner at Steak n’ Shake. A win all around.

Two. So Solange Knowles beat up Jay-Z in an elevator??? What’s up with that?!

Three. Ever have one of those days where you’re like “….what just happened.” That was my yesterday.
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Four. We started Game of Thrones Saturday and I think I’m going to like this. Ghost children, dragon eggs, and barbarians all in one episode.

Five. Even though we started a new show, I picked my reading back up this weekend! I’m over halfway through Insurgent so I went ahead and bought Allegiant. I’ve heard the ending will make me throw the book at the wall. Can’t wait for that…

Six. Today is an unruly, curly hair day because I simply don't feel like drying it. It might even go in a ponytail. Who knows.

Seven. I need this outfit in my closet:
nautical outfit, summer shorts, casual, polyvore

Eight. I'm making it my mission to watch Frozen in the near future. I was told by an adult male over the weekend that it's the best movie he's seen in a long time and it was so good that in a movie theater of over fifty children singing along all he could focus on was the screen.

Nine. Hahaha!
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Ten. Speaking of family beach pictures, who's ready for 4th of July beach trip? This girl.

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  1. 1. Mine was awesome!
    3. All the time.
    5. Yay for reading!
    6. Mine's in a ponytail because I didn't feel like washing it.
    7. Cute!
    8. Do it. Do it Now!

  2. 1. Food and Target = always awesome.
    2. I want to know what he said to set her off! Nosy.
    3. That GIF is my entire life lately.
    4. It's awesome! Though I love the books more, obvs. :)
    5. I agree about the ending. :(
    6. I have a feeling there are a lot of high messy bun days in my future--my hair is already misbehaving this summer!
    7. I want it too!
    8. Haven't seen it yet--the husband doesn't like musicals--but I'll probably rent it for a night in sometime.
    9. Ha!
    10. Lucky! I'm ready for the beach. Never though I'd say that but I am.

  3. I would like to watch Frozen as well. I am a big fan of children's movies. :)
    That outfit is fantastic! :) So cute! A trip to Target always seems to be a good idea. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!
    And Game of Thrones definitely is an entertaining show!
    Have a great day!

  4. I think we are going to the beach then too!!! FINALLY!

    I still have not seen frozen. Oopsy.

    I hate reading a book just to be angry by the ending. I am skipping that whole series.

    My hair is totally in a pony tail today. Humidity is not my friend.

  5. I've been embracing my newfound curls. This humidity is insane, and it's only freaking May! What the hell?!?!!?
    I still have only seen about the first 45 minutes of Frozen.
    The red shorts from #7... LOVE
    I'm loving the Solage/Bey/Jay-Z drama... that girl is flipping crazy. I mean, yes it must suck to be Beyonce's not as talented, not as attractive, not awesome little sister, but girl needs to get her shit together

  6. 2. And now, the drama is just over- no big thing. Doesn't everyone beat up their brother-in-law in the elevator and then take family photos a few days later.
    3. Yup, I thought today was Monday for sure.
    8. I teach Kindergarten, so I already know all the songs from Frozen but still have not seen the movie- I also need to watch it asap!


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