Monday, June 30, 2014

My Favorite Things to Do in Gulf Shores

In honor of our trip to beach TOMORROW NIGHT and since my “favorite things to do in Gatlinburg” post is one of my most-pinned posts, I thought I’d roll right along and tell you about my favorite things to do in Gulf Shores!

Shop at Souvenir City:
Souvenir shops are on every coner but this is by far the best in town. It’s huge and filled from wall to wall with beachy little items to remember your trip by. Plus no matter how old I get it’s cool to enter the store through the giant shark’s mouth.
Souvenir City
 Eat at Sea-N-Suds:
This place is a Gulf Shores staple. It’s super casual and sits right on the sand. If your condo is close enough you can walk up from the beach and enjoy your crab legs or raw oysters (no thanks). It used to sit over the water but after a hurricane nearly destroyed it and swept away the beach it was on, they had to expand the sand out a good bit. Plus they have cute t-shirts in every color of the rainbow.
 Ride go-carts at The Track:
When I was little this was my favorite thing to do. It was really a coming of age moment the first year I could drive myself without riding shotgun with Dad. If go-carts aren’t your thing there’s also bumper boats, a good sized arcade, mini golf, and if you’re feeling SUPER adventurous, the Sky Coaster (which I've done by the way).

Take family pictures on the beach:
This is pretty much obligatory. It’s also obligatory that you wear matching (or at least coordinating) colors. I'm told this year our colors will be navy, white, and coral.

Walk on the beach at night:
You just can’t beat the soft, sandy beaches of the gulf coast. There’s really nothing like them. Walking at night is just so peaceful, and relaxing. And if you’re not freaked out by creepy crawlers you can grab a bucket and flashlight and look for crabs!

I've been talking about the beach for weeks now and I'm so excited to finally go!  I've never dealt well with heat and since I got pregnant I haven't even been able to take hot showers.  So this girl might be spending most of her time under the shade or in the pool.  Even if I'm on the balcony all day, I'll still be at the beach!
See you tomorrow for Ten on Tuesday!

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