Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Disney Kick, Pinterest Nails, and Lots of Excitement

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One. I worked Saturday. Usually I’m off on weekends and the last Saturdays I worked (which were months ago) I felt like my soul dying and I was aware every second of the day that it was Saturday and I was missing my day off. Not the case this time. I was totally cool as a cucumber and almost chipper even. Not sure what was wrong with me.

Two. I've been on a Disney kick lately. Last night I watched Aladdin. I wanted a Rajah so bad when I was a kid. Instead I got a Gus.
Three. Sunday after church we pulled California Pizza Kitchen from the lunch jar. It’s one of my favorites for ONE reason: Four cheese ravioli. My favorite dish from just about anywhere. Imagine my surprise, panic, and pissed offness when I ordered and the girl said they were….out.

Four. I’ve been pinning cute nail designs on pinterest like I’m EVER going to try them.
lavender nails, nail art, pinterest nails

Five. Did yall watch Rising Star Sunday night?! We did and even participated. It’s pretty cool! My favorite from the night was the kid that sang “I Put a Spell On You”. I didn’t care for little Macy Kate but everyone else seemed enamored with her.

Six. The power went out at work yesterday. And my office has no windows. Commence momentary panic.

Seven. It makes me strangely happy when someone posts something stupid or a ridiculous picture that they think is “cute” on facebook and NO ONE responds. Not even a like. I am a horrible person.

Eight. They opened a Hot Topic in our mall a couple of weeks ago. Sixteen year old Alyssa would be LOSING HER MIND. But twenty-six year old Alyssa still bought a Beauty and the Beast tank top. No shame.
disney, beauty and the beast, tank top, hot topic

Nine. One week until the beach!! Woop Woop!!

Ten. I’m a little excited for my post tomorrow. =)

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  1. 1. Did you at least get an extra day off this week to make up for the Saturday? I'm glad you were able to enjoy it a little this time!
    3. That ravioli sounded so good, so sad you couldn't get any!
    5. I've never heard of that show. Is that like American Juniors? Or more like a talent show?
    6. eek!
    8. Hot Topic used to be everything I dreamed of! Though that tank top is cute!
    10. Ok, now I'm curious! Well played.

    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. 1. I really do not like working Saturdays!
    2. I want a Gus too. But I do love Disney as well.
    6. I would panic too!
    8. I love that tank top! I would have bought it as well.
    9. Hope you will have a fantastic time!
    10. Now I am excited too!

  3. Like who has the time....or patience...to do all those ridiculous nails! I am lucky to have mine one solid shade and looking like not a five year old painted them haha!

    I laugh at people trying to be "cute" on facebook as well.

    I HATE when I have my mind set on something to order and they are either out or don't have it anymore. It makes me so sad.

    Ahhhhhh one more week for me and the beach too!!!! (Well, one week and two days.)

  4. 2. Yay Disney! I had a stuffed tiger as a kid that I named Rajah.

    3. That sucks.

    4. I'm so not that talented.

    7. No you're not. :)

    8. Awesome!

    9. Yay!

    10. What could it be?

  5. 1. I used to work retail and had to work a lot of Saturdays and Sundays. Ugh. I feel your pain.
    2. Yay for Disney! I totally watch Disney all the time.
    6. The same thing happens to me! I have no windows and when the power goes out occasionally, it's pitch black! Eek!
    8. Oh, Hot Topic. That brings back some high school memories. Lol! They do have cute Disney stuff in there though!

  6. LOL, I pin nails too and never do them! I loved Hot Topic in high school, now I can't fit into most of the clothes, sadly. :P


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