Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Elie Saab, Blushing Brides, and Dancing Dogs

 photo Ten-on-Tuesday_zpse31d51a9.png

one. Would you look at that. Getting Ten on Tuesday posted on TUESDAY. Go me.

two. I dreamed all night long Friday night and I swear in one of those dreams I got to wear this dress.  I have no idea why I was wearing it but that's not the point.
 photo dreamdress_zpsa6a32dda.jpg
That's Elie Saab. Just FYI.

three. Haha.  Caturday night...
 photo caturdaynight_zpsbe1da8fe.jpg

four. Kaylen and I went to American Eagle Sunday after church and they had such cute stuff with bright neon colors! Too bad a lot of it seemed to be cut for a-cups.

five. I present to you the most ridiculous thing you'll see all day. Yes, that is a baby attached to the blushing bride's train:
 photo stupidbride_zpscea3a779.png
Here's the story behind it.

six. Speaking of moronic brides, did you see the pictures from the big Kimye wedding? I'm glad she didn't go the fairy princess route this time around.  I give it eight months.

seven. I wish my job was professional bed sheet tester.

eight. Who's ready to bawl their eyes out with me while watching The Fault in Our Stars this weekend?!

nine. Is it just me or does the workday go by slower in the summer time?

ten. Can you handle this?  I can't:
 photo dancingdog_zps09799a79.gif

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  1. #2. That dress is beautiful! I would love to wear it as well!
    #3. Haha, this is hilarious!
    #4. I want to get something neon too!
    #5. Why? Just why?
    #6. I am thinking 6 months.
    #7. I want to be a professional cat cuddler.
    #8. I really hope the movie will be as good as the book. I don't want to be disappointed.
    #10. I can't either!
    Will link up later!

  2. That dress is stunning, like a fairy princess! If you ever get to wear it, can I borrow when you're done?
    I just can't with that bride/baby train thing. What the heck is wrong with people?

    I miss Jax Teller <3

  3. I read about that lady with the baby on her dress. I have no idea what she was thinking. There is other was she could have had her baby in the wedding. That won't harm it.

  4. 1. Whoo hoo!

    2. Who cares the reason? It's pretty.

    3. ha!

    5. Dumb

    9. Yep

    10. OMG!! I just can't!

  5. That dress is to DIE for! What a great wedding dress that would be! And I hear you on stores that seem to only stock for A-cups. I was lamenting yesterday that I can't buy the cute dresses at F21 because they're meant for people with no boobs and no butt. Le sigh.

    I'm trying to get around to reading TFIOS before I see the movie. I just don't want to read something super-sad right now!

  6. 1. Go you, indeed! I've been late on just about everything lately so I'm very proud of myself for getting this posted today too. Go us!
    2. Um...gorgeous. No way I'd look like that in it though.
    3. Bahaha!
    4. Lame. Hopefully you can go back & they'll have restocked their stuff.
    5. Excuse me. Fucking moron!
    6. See my comment for #5 but make it plural.
    9. Totally agree. I've been doing everything and anything to avoid falling asleep at my desk today and it's only 430pm...ugh, 2 hours to go. Kill me now.
    10. Oh my gawd...I've been laughing for like 5 mins straight. Hilarious!


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