Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Storms, Sharks and Singing Cats Oh My

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One. Alas I did NOT go see The Fault in Our Stars this past weekend. The weepfest had to be put off until this coming weekend.

Two. The weather here has been somewhat of a downer lately. Very stormy and ugly. Saturday night after Dad and I watched a lightning show from a couple of counties away on their front porch, I ended up at the bottom of our stairs with a flashlight reading Insurgent while the wind and rain passed by. I HATE storms.

Three. Me watching other people’s drama on facebook. And it has not been in short supply lately!
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Four. I finally watched Gravity! Dad and I watched it before said lightning storm. Good movie! Different, but good. If you can’t decide whether or not to watch it, ask yourself if you liked Castaway because one person carries nearly the entire movie.

Five. Got a new dress from Target! Woop woop! It’s a bit long but I’m hoping it’ll shrink a tad in the wash.
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Buy it.

Six. Jaws, even though it’s one of my favorites, has scared me since I was a kid. Now THIS is happening. THAT is where we’re going in July. Know who WON’T be putting her toes in the water? This girl.

Seven. Ugh. Last night there was yet another round of storms and even though it wasn't as bad as Saturday night, the power was knocked out around 9:30 and didn't come back on until 3:30 this morning. So no sleep for Alyssa. Too dark and too quiet. Oh, and guess what's going to happen this evening! More storms...

Eight. This had me crying!! Kudos to Chris again.

Nine. Any GWTW fans?? I'm sure Vivien Leigh would be proud.
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Ten. 21 Days until we leave for the shark infested beach.

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  1. That dress is cute! I wonder if I can find it in my size.

  2. I have put off seeing TFIOS, I read the book and bawled for an hour, and I know for sure I will be a mess in the theater.

  3. 1. Still haven't read it! I know I'll cry my eyes out!
    2. How are you liking Insurgent? I felt like it wasn't as good as Divergent. :(
    3. Love it!
    4. With Tom Hanks and Wilson, right? I had trouble with the length more than anything. Husband said he's not interested in Gravity so more than likely I won't get around to seeing it.
    5. Way too cute!
    6. and 10. Nope. Just nope. Couldn't do it! (Even though yes, statistically, you're more likely to die traveling there than by a shark attack...still just nope!)
    7. Stay safe!
    8. Love it!
    9. Oh man. That poor pug! :P

  4. 2. We've had a lot of ugly weather here in Ky lately too. It downright sucks!
    3. I hate to be involved in drama, but dang do I love to keep up with other people's drama on Facebook. Haha!
    4. I've seen Gravity - it was just so-so for me.
    5. I love Target!! And that dress is super cute!
    6. I have had an irrational fear of open water ever since seeing this movie as a child. Scarred for life. I still go to the ocean, but definitely have sharks in the back of my mind the whole time.
    10. Yay for vacation, even if sharks may be involved. :-)

  5. I always thought my cat does weird things. Haha. This is crazy! And I love the cat with the popcorn! Well, I love every cat to be honest!
    That dress is so pretty! I would love to get a maxi dress too! I want to wear more dresses this summer.
    I also need to watch The Fault In Our Stars. I am pretty excited!

  6. Gravity was AWESOME. Felt like I was in outer space the entire time while watching it in the theater. And people's drama on FB is one of the main reasons I deactivated mine. I don't miss it at all. And now that you mentioned 'Jaws', I will have the theme music in my head the rest of the day. Thanks a lot!! :)

  7. I always hated summers at my parents house when storms came through the power always went off, but it really wasn't as bad as winter I guess. We had a really bad snow one year that left us without electric for over a week. We ended up making chilli on the wood stove down stairs and hot tea.
    Also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. :)

  8. I just saw that dress at Target in pink. Love it!
    I read The Fault In Our Stars last night a and I'm still teary eyed....


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