Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - The Weekend, The Beach, and Taco Belle

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One. I hope everyone gave their hard working daddies a good Father’s Day! Dad had to work Sunday so we did gifts and taco night Saturday night at his request.

Two. I actually ended up going to the movies twice this weekend! K and I went to see TFIOS Friday night (oh so amazing and heartbreaking) and Chris wanted to see 22 Jump Street Sunday. Meh. Not as good as the first one I didn’t think.

Three. Gees this is perfect:

Four. Speaking of which, I have really been feeling like watching Disney movies lately. I think I'll start with Beauty and the Beast.

Five. After a few weeks of crap weather we finally had a gorgeous rain free weekend!

Six. I feel like this would happen to us:

Seven. One episode left for us of OITNB! I sincerely hope V dies. We spaced it out as much as we could…which wasn’t much.

Eight. This had me cracking up. Prepare for cuteness:

Nine. TWO WEEKS until the beach! I’m already planning on what I’m going to order at each restaurant. =)

Ten. If I don't blog anymore ever again it's not because I gave up on blogging.  It's because I threw this useless, works only when it wants to, maddeningly slow computer out the window.

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  1. So you know how we talked about Game of Thrones last week? This weekend I watched EIGHT episodes LOL. I am now almost caught up on the current season. I only have the last two episodes to watch. And I totally wanna see 22 Jump Street but I have heard, like you said, that it's not as good as the original.

  2. yay for the beach only being 2 weeks away

  3. #2. Still haven't seen TFIOS! Need to see it as soon as possible! I love going to the movies!
    #4. Disney movies are awesome. Can watch them over and over.
    #6. Haha that would probably happen to me too.
    #7. Only watched 4 episodes so far! Need to watch more!
    #8. I watched this video countless times and it is still cuteness overload. I am so in love!
    #10. Oh no, that is annoying! Sorry dear!

  4. 4. Go for it! Watch them all!

    5. I've loved the cooler temperatures. I'm not enjoying the high humidity and the heat index.

    10. I know just how you feel.

  5. 3. Love that tee!
    4. I watch Disney movies all the time.
    7. I can't wait for you to watch the last episode! It's so good!
    9. Yay for the beach!

  6. I love that tee! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies.

    It's been pouring rain here too. :/

    I hear ya on slow computers! Nothing more frustrating, imo.

  7. HAHAHAHHAHA, I posted that Taco Belle shirt to my FB last week! I NEED that shirt!!!!!


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