Monday, June 2, 2014

Things I'll Never Understand

Everyone has things that perplex them. Things they just don't get. Things that make them go...
 photo BritneySpearsisconfused_zps722f8ea7.gif

These are mine:

Why people say “I don’t mean to offend anyone BUT…” and then proceed to say something really offensive but think that little disclaimer makes it all ok.

How a person can sit and eat a tomato.

Why people don't use their turn signals. Seriously. It's so easy.

Why Gwyneth Paltrow even bothers speaking anymore. Point one and point two.

Why in the world the good folks at Oreo quit making my beloved cakesters. RIP.


What exactly the big deal about Luke Bryan is.

Clog shoes.

How half the people on the radio got recording deals in the first place. Looking at you, T-Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Florida Georgia Line...

Why people TRY to get pregnant when they can't afford the babies they have.

Why Leo doesn't have a freakin Oscar yet. I mean, is the Academy doing it on purpose now to keep the joke going?

Math. Like at all.

Why people (and it's usually adults) think it's such a fabulous idea to air their dirty laundry on facebook for all of their friends and the world to see.

Anything Lady Gaga does.

Why cats get such a bad rap.
 photo jerkcat_zps2f3db00c.gif
Actually, that I can understand.

Rant over.
Happy Monday.

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  1. hahaha,
    thanks for this. why oreo. WHY????

  2. It's funny you mention Gwyneth, because I was going to rant about her in my TOT post! I have ZERO respect for her any more!

    If it makes you feel better, I don't understand any of these either--except for cats. I totally get the cats one. They can be such little jerks! :P

  3. I drives my nuts when people don't use there signals.

  4. Yuck, I dont understand how people eat tomatoes period! And I def don't understand Obamacare!! Thanks for the laughs. I found you from Homegrown State of Mind and I am excited to follow along. Have a great weekend.


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