Friday, June 13, 2014

What's Been Taking Up My Time

Hello, all. I’ve been somewhat absent as of late. I’m going through a spell where a) I have absolutely nothing to say and b) there are other things that I’d rather be doing than writing a blog post. Here’s what’s been taking up my time:

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OITNB: We WERE on a Game of Thrones kick and ended up a few episodes into season two. But when Orange is the New Black started back up we officially took a GOT hiatus. Litchfield trumps Westeros. Every night this week after supper we’ve gotten through at least one episode. Maybe two depending on how sleepy I am. This girl needs her sleep. So there goes a couple of hours a day lounging on the couch with Chris and Dixie binging on our new favorite show. Gus refuses to watch it or really participate in family time but I think Dixie really likes Crazy Eyes.

Reading: I’m STILL on Insurgent. About fifty pages left and then it’s right into Allegiant. When I’m not reading the Divergent trilogy, my nose is stuck in my favorite check-out line tabloids. No shame.

Family: I never blog on weekends and that’s usually because I’m spending my free days with the fam. Saturdays are for goofing off with Chris or Kaylen or just lounging around the house and maybe doing some cleaning. Sundays are church in the AM then lunch and errands/goofing off with the whole clan. My favorite day of the week.

Sleep: Duh. You know this woman and you know how much she likes to snooze. Sleep > blogging.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Absolutely nothing productive but all things enjoyable. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll have a LOT to talk about but for right now, I’m kind of enjoying being a blog bum!

Happy Friday, yall!

PS. K and I are going to see The Fault in Our Stars tonight. I WILL talk about that later and how many pieces my soul has broken into.

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  1. I have to admit that when I got to the section where you mentioned GOT I immediately scrolled down to the comments section because I was afraid of spoilers - I am a season behind. Best. Show. Ever. I loathe that Goffery LOL

  2. glad you have been enjoying your blog break

  3. There is nothing wrong with a break. Enjoy!

  4. I think I just came off that same spell! I am glad to see you back :)

    Happy Friday
    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life


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