Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Back to Reality, Pancakes, and Free Tacos

one. Hello, all! The family and I had a WONDERFUL vacation. It was the kind that’s so perfect it’s REALLY hard to come back from. More on vacay later.

two. Did anyone catch the special Talking Dead episode Sunday night with the sneak peek of season 5??? UGH I’m so ready for October now. I told Chris it’s nice how the timing worked out. We’ll have one more TV season of our favorite shows before baby gets here.

three. I came back from vacation with lots of my fave blogs to catch up on! Made me happy!

four. I had a particular craving last week. I tell you this because I haven’t had many particular cravings. It’s been more EAT ALL THE FOOD!! But last Tuesday I was sitting at my desk and pancakes hit me. Right in the face. Ihop original pancakes. I would have traded one of my cats for some at that very moment. I wanted them so bad I started pinning pictures of pancakes.

five. A little GOT humor that I finally understand:

six. Now that I’ve had my vacation I’m kinda like….fall can hurry up and get here.

seven. Something else good about vacation? I got to read more of Allegiant! I couldn't put it down in the mornings. It's so neat to see them exposed to the world before the fall. Like they don't know what air travel or coke is.

eight. I pulled this on Chris! I laughed for ten minutes. He didn’t see the humor in it…

nine. Last night we had old faithful (Taco Bell) for supper and they gave me two extra tacos and an extra cheesy gordita crunch at the drive thru and I kept my mouth shut....and I still feel conflicted about it this morning.

ten. My sweet husband said Sunday night after we got settled in on the couch with pizza "See? I like the beach but this is what I love. In MY house, on MY couch, with MY family." Swoon. Or barf. Whichever it makes you feel like doing.

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  1. 1. Cant wait to read more about your vacation! Glad you had a fantastic time!
    2. I still need to catch up with the last season!
    4. Now I want some pancakes too! But I will keep my cats. :)
    6. I am thinking a lot about fall. :)
    8. Haha, that is hilarious.
    Have a great week!

  2. glad you had a great vacation. #10 made me awww.

  3. I am DROOLING at the tough of Taco Bell and it's only 7:40in the AM. Guess that sugar detox didn't cure my love for fake mexican food. The extra food was for the baaaaaaby! <3
    Glad you had a great vacation, and I think it's very sweet what Chris said. And now I'm gonna go vomit. HAHAHAHA

  4. 1. Vacation is the best!
    2. I didn't, but I did creep photos of the cast on instagram yesterday- so that's the same, right?
    4. I love that you pinned pictures of them!
    8. Hilarious- Jay would get so mad at me, but I want to try so bad!
    9. I think it's ok, if they gave you like $200 back instead of $2 that would be kind of bad, but extra tacos is just nice :)
    10. Swoon

  5. 1.So glad you had a nice vacation!
    4. I do that too - turn to Pinterest when cravings hit. Lol. What would we do without good ol' Pinterest and the food porn?
    7. I'll have to check out that book!
    8. Haha!
    9. Never question someone else's mistake that benefits you. Lol!
    10. Aww. Swoon :-)


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