Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Energy, Fall Plans, and a Vendetta

 one. I'm 14 weeks and got the most energy I've had in two months over the weekend! Saturday Chris was away so I had the house to myself all day. I did laundry, cleaned and decluttered the whole kitchen, picked up and swept in the living room and under the couches, decluttered the furniture in the bedroom, gave the cats their flea meds (I put this off for far too long because it's always an ordeal), and went through all the unopened mail. That's the most I've felt like doing since I got pregnant.

two. Hahaha:

three. Found out over the weekend we're going to get to see some very good friends from Lejeune next week! We're so excited!

four. Sunday at the grocery store while walking down the magazine aisle, if Chris hadn't asked me who was in her underwear on the cover of a magazine I wouldn't have noticed the Gone with the Wind Special 75th Anniversary magazine behind it!  Thank you Chris.  PS.  It was Kate Beckinsale.

five. That energy I had Saturday?  Gone Sunday.  And in another universe Monday.

six. I told you I was already ready for fall and this is why: the clothes.  I'm much better in fall/winter clothes than I am summer.

seven. Speaking of fall, Mom and Dad told us last night they want to plan a long weekend in Gatlinburg in October like we did last year.  Yay!  Something else to look forward to!

eight. Me this morning after getting TERRIBLE sleep and waking up with another headache:

nine. "I want them dead.  I want their children dead.  I want their whole family dead."  -Me telling Chris about the plan to rid the kitchen of german roaches.  Not in my house...

ten. A week and a half until we find out what baby is!

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  1. #1 Oh wow, that sounds very productive!
    #2. Haha so cute!
    #3 Have a great time!
    #5 I know how that goes!
    #6 Love it! The cardigan is so cute! I am ready for fall as well. I like fall clothes a lot better than summer clothes.
    #7 Trips are fantastic!
    #8 Haha so cute! But I hope you are feeling better now!
    #10 so exciting!

  2. I hope you'll feel better soon! The energy fluctuations have to SUCK. I agree that I'm better in fall clothes than summer, and it's not for lack of trying--the heat just makes it hard for me to want to be "cute".

    Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Or do you not have a preference?

  3. can't wait to hear what you are going to be having.

  4. So glad you have all that energy & how exciting can't wait to hear the gender of the baby!

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  5. Oh, the highs and lows of energy! I'm not pregnant, and I have that. Lol! You're probably going to make it to Gatlinburg again, before I make it there first. Or maybe I'll plan a birthday trip there in October. :-) If pregnant, I think I would be counting down the minutes until I could find out the gender. Have you done the Chinese calendar test or the Mayan one?

  6. #9: Eww, I hope by now they are dead!
    #10: Whoooo! So much excitement in your lives right now (well that and exhaustion and headaches, but let's focus on the excitement)!

  7. Everyone always tell me the second trimester is the best bc they have so much energy! LOL, too bad yours was short lived. That kid is zapping all your energy. Excited to know what you and Chris are having. I think it will be…. A BABY!!!
    Kate Beckinsdale is one of Steve's absolute faves…


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