Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Reading List, High School and a Big Day!

 one. I didn’t get that lovely energy spike this weekend I got last Saturday. Just enough for a load of dishes and two loads of laundry. Not enough to say grace over.

two. But more importantly, we have a doctors appointment today with an ultrasound!!!! We will leave the hospital today with an envelope that will contain a piece of paper with either “boy” or “girl” written on it that WILL remain sealed until Saturday. It will remain sealed because it will be LOCKED in Dad’s glove compartment. I’m so excited to finally put a name to Baby W.

three. I’m back on the reading train! I went home Friday with two borrowed books. One Danielle Steel novel and Be Our Guest, a book about Disney’s excellent customer service. REALLY excited about that one. But first I must finish Allegiant! I can’t start one book without finishing what I was reading first. It’s like having an affair…

four. Went into my first maternity story. Mother of pearl, maternity crap is expensive. I think I'll be sticking to Target.

five. GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS HERE!! Yay!! Jofferey finally died! He was bleeding out of his face and turning grotesquely purple and Chris and I were fist pumping with joy. Now if Cerci would kick the bucket I would be happy.

six. Pastor Chris told us Sunday that in August we’re starting a sermon series that answers the question “Are We Living in the End Times?” Civilian planes are being shot out of the sky. This is only one of the many reasons I think the short answer is “yes”.

seven. This is like something out of a nightmare:

eight. Sleep has not been my friend lately. I've been tossing and turning and waking up several times. But last night I woke up at 1 and couldn't even entertain going back to sleep until 3.

nine. I was listening to an old NOW cd yesterday from senior year.  Naturally I start getting all sentimental about high school and thinking how you could NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS PAY ME ENOUGH TO GO BACK.  SCREW THAT NOISE.  SCREW HIGH SCHOOL.  SCREW BELLS.  SCREW 20 POUND BOOKS.
Story of my high school career:

ten. I hear the dryer going off.  Guess that means it's time to put on some pants and get this party started.

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  1. 2. Yay! So exciting!!
    3. That Disney book sounds fascinating, I love reading online about their secrets and tricks I didn't even know there was a book.
    6. A scary thought isn't it?
    7. Chills.
    8. That is not so fun, sleep is my favourite part of most days. Probably a sad statement on my life.
    9. I was one of those weirdos who actually really liked high school, although now that I've tasted real life I wouldn't go back to the drama. Maybe just for the dances.
    10. I hate that sound!

    Happy Tuesday :)

  2. #1. I guess we can't always feel energized...
    #2. So excited for you guys!
    #3. Hope you will love the new books. I just started another crime novel and I am loving it.
    #5. Oh he did? I hate that guy! Need to catch up!
    #7. Haha that is so funny!
    #8. I wake up a lot too. Don't know why.
    #9. Haha. :)

  3. I can't wait to hear the sex of your little munchkin! I can't even imagine what it's like to find that information out, but it has to be one of the most amazing feelings in your entire life.

    So happy for you.

  4. That dog picture is seriously freaky! I definitely wouldn't want to go back to high school. The shyness, awkwardness, questionable taste in clothes--ugh. No thank you.

  5. sorry to hear your not sleeping well

  6. I can't wait to hear what you're having! How exciting!!
    That pic of the panoramic dog - haha!!
    I HATED high school too. NEVER would I want to go back!


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