Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Red Wedding, Beach, and 'Merica

one. Beach tonight after work. I'm so excited I haven't shut up about it in weeks not excited at all.

two. Chris and I finished season three of Game of Thrones Saturday night. Two words: Red. Wedding.  Holy mother of pearl.  Just...
After Chris sat back down and finished screaming obscenities, he said he didn't want to live in this world anymore.

three. This weekend, for the second time in a week I dreamed about home invasion only to wake up and realize we forgot to set the alarm the night before.

four. I had to sit at my desk yesterday with my pants unbuttoned.  It might be time to retire those jeans until after baby gets here.

five. So last week a Mexican helicopter came across our borders and FIRED TWICE ON OUR BORDER PATROL.  And what's been done about it?  ....Nothing.  Because they basically said "Oops, our bad".  This blows my mind.  But then again it doesn't since we've got chicken crap in the White House.

six. Genius.

seven. I'm somewhat proud of myself.  I've washed all the clothes, painted my toe-nails, packed everything last night and this morning, and STILL got Ten on Tuesday.  [Pats self on back.]

eight. The cats know we're leaving...and they're pissed.

nine. Pregnancy has given me just enough irritability that I get smart back with people when they deserve it.

ten. If I don't "talk" to you before the holiday weekend, have a safe, sun filled, red, white, and blue, AWESOME 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!!

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  1. #1. That's great! Have fun!
    #2. That episode was definitely nerve-wracking!
    #4. You are so cute.
    #5. That is so scary!
    #6. Haha, genius. I love that!
    #7. Good job! I am not that good.
    #8. Cats always know. Mine try to make me feel guilty when I need to go somewhere.
    #10. Have a great time! Will link up later!

  2. The Red Wedding was such a shock in the books, haven't seen it on TV yet but I bet it's bad! Congrats on getting all ready ahead of time for the beach--I was a hot mess getting ready for vacay. Hope you have fun! And yeah, my cats make me feel bad too. Before I leave and again when I come home. :P

  3. They made some rubber band like extends for your pants. Not sure if you want to look in to them or not.

  4. 1. Yay for the beach! Wish I lived close enough to one to go after work!
    2. I've never watched the Game of Thrones. Maybe I should - sounds dramatic.
    6. YES! haha
    8. My dog does this too. If she sees the luggage out, she gives me the silent treatment.
    10. Happy 4th to you too!! :-)

  5. First, I really need to join this linky party. Second, have fun at the beach. Third, proud of you for getting all of that accomplished. Have a great day!

    A Joyful Kind of Life


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