Friday, July 18, 2014

Things This Cheapskate Doesn't Mind Spending Money On

My family likes to joke that I’m cheap. [That taco seasoning is 97 cents?! Get the Publix brand. It’s 20 cents cheaper.] I call it frugal, but whatever. Now with baby on the way we’re really trying to save up.
But even still, as much as I like to save a buck, there are a few things that I never mind spending my money on.

Pepsi in glass bottles: Sure there’s water, tea, coke, milk and OJ in the fridge. But that doesn’t stop me from asking Chris to pick me up a 6-pack every time he goes to the local convenience store. I mean, it just tastes better in a glass bottle. Am I right or am I right?

Going to the Movies: SURE we can rent a movie on demand for $4 or hit up a Red Box for $2…but the red, reclining theater seats, previews and overpriced goodies are part of the fun! Unless I’m craving chicken salad sandwiches, in which case I’ll just smuggle those through in my purse. Seriously though, going to the movies has always been one of our favorite things to do.

Lunch Dates: Again, something I really enjoy doing with Chris on Saturdays. Not EVERY Saturday but a lot. We feel like the good people at McAllister’s are just expecting us to walk through the door at 11:00. Some of the best conversations Chris and I have had have been over a Four Cheese Griller and potato salad.

Fashion Magazines: Fashion magazines, tabloids, whatever you want to call them. Every single time I go through the check-out line I grab the newest Life and Style Weekly or People Style Watch without even thinking about it. I used to read Glamour, Cosmo and InStyle on the regular too but that got ridiculous.

Taco Bell: I mean, this goes without saying. All of our marriage we have been Taco Bell junkies. Now that I think about it, I think one of the first statuses I posted on MySpace after we got married was “Husband’s gone to get Taco Bell! Yummy!” or something along those lines. We might not live to see 90 because of our mild addiction. But whatever. We’ll both die with a gordita in hand.

What do you not mind spending money on?
Have a great weekend!

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  1. My husband and me are taco bell lovers too

  2. Your GIF's are always perfect!! I don't mind spending money on drinks, like my coffee and tea addiction, or juices, or sparking mineral water. I'll get cheap food and make it from scratch to save, but i'll pay out the nose for beverages!

  3. I have to say my cats--the husband and I were calculating the other day how much we spend monthly to take care of them, and it's pretty high because of Max's diabetes. But it's worth every penny! Also books and really yummy desserts. :)

  4. OMG, my fiancé and I are taco bell lovers too! That taco bell GIF is hilarious! That's really funny lol. I don't mind spending money on taco bell, GOOD eyeliner just because it's so hard to find and rarely anything works with my eyes/contacts.

  5. I LOVE going to the movies!

  6. I agree sometimes one has to be frugal :) I wouldn't mind spending money on a lunch date with my Mr. I have also had some of the best conversations over lunch!

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