Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why My Vacation Was Awesome

Chris and I left out as quick as we could last Tuesday after work. We hit a gas station and McDonalds and 4 and a half hours later at 11:30 we rolled up to the condo. The smell of the lobby was most welcome. Salt and chlorine. My family has stayed at this particular condo for at least 20 years now and it always brings back awesome memories. This trip will go down as one of the most perfect beach trips in recent memory.

-Waking up to the sound of waves will put you in a good mood regardless but I don’t ever remember the water being this clear and this clean. No seaweed, no jellyfish, and luckily the booming shark population went elsewhere for the holiday. You could see straight to the bottom as far as you could touch. I know this because I, Alyssa, who is afraid of the ocean, got in up to my shoulders of my own free will. I felt like a mermaid. Just give me a coconut bra and call me Ariel. It was so peaceful (except for the little prick kid who screamed something about a shark every once in a while, which is SO not funny). Plus there were dolphins! Every morning! And they were beautiful to watch.

-We didn’t see rain the ENTIRE TIME we were there. A far cry from last year’s beach trip where it rained for two days straight and never really got pretty. If I had prayed for weather, this is exactly the weather I would have prayed for. No pop-up showers or storms, no ugly maybe it will rain, maybe it won’t weather. Just gorgeousness. HOT gorgeousness. But gorgeousness none the less. I actually did ok in the heat! I was REALLY worried about it. I only got overheated and thought I was going to die once. Not bad for me.

-I got to wear my new swimsuit and it’s basically the only time I looked maybe pregnant and not just like I’m getting chunky. The first day I slathered on SPF 30 because, you know, pale. It was perfect. I got a tad bit of color and NO burning. Success. The next two days I got a little brave and mixed the 30 with 15. Still good results. Saturday I got cocky. Full on SPF 15. FAIL. I burned some on the tops of my thighs, the sides of my shins, and the inside of my forearms. Of COURSE it was uneven. At least it was the last day and it was nowhere near as bad as two years ago when I couldn’t even walk to the kitchen to get aloe.

-The food. Oh my stars. I get just as excited about the food at the beach as I do lounging by the pool all day. We ate at Lulu’s the first night. Always a fun time. I had the crab toast appetizer. The next night was my favorite, The Original Oyster House. I had the amazing salad bar and shrimp florentine. (Don’t fret, pregnancy police. This was the last seafood I had and the crab on the crab toast the night before was WELL under 6 ounces.)

-The 4th was probably my favorite day. We pooled it up until lunch time. Mom had arranged for us to have BBQ with all the fixings. Yum. An extra plus? It was Dead, White, and Blue weekend on AMC!! Woo hoo! Old TWD episodes while we ate and rested! That night we had leftover BBQ and got dressed in our patriotic colors for fireworks on the beach. We drove a few miles to where they were being set off from a barge. Apparently last year they set them off the beach itself and embers flew back into the condos. Not good. It as the first time I’d ever watched fireworks on the beach and it was somewhat magical. Fireworks make me happy anyway but it added a little something extra to be sitting next to Chris on a blanket on the beach watching them. The NEXT night we got an even better show. Turns out the condo two down from us was having their own party complete with fireworks. We sat on the balcony and got the most explosive show I’ve ever seen. We counted over 50 boat parked in front of the beach to watch. It reminded me of the lantern scene from Tangled!

-Family time. I’m so thankful I got to be off work at a somewhat chaotic time to go on vacation with my nearest and dearest. You know I love my family because sometimes I don’t shut up about them. We love being together and beach trips when I was a kid are something I love to look back on. I can’t for Baby W to make these same memories with these special people.
I told you there would be photos in coordinating colors.

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  1. Your vacation looks like so much fun, that water is so clear! I grew up near the ocean but it always looked much more murky! That is is inviting! You (and that bathing suit) are so cute! Also, I love those coordinated family photos- I'm impressed you all pulled it off!

  2. You go, Ariel!!! I live less than an hour from the ocean, and sometimes I have a hard time going in far. Seaweed and jellyfish scare the crap out of me. Glad you had wonderful weather and enjoyed your vacay! But NO MORE sunburns!!!!!! Be careful with that pale skin down south. I wear SPF 50 and still manage to get red. And tell the Pregnancy Police to flip off. Diet recommendations change every freaking year. It's ridiculous!

  3. Oh wow, I love all the pictures. Glad you had such a fantastic vacation! I would love to wake up and see some dolphins!

  4. You baby bump is super cute. Glad you had a great vacation.

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time! I was so amazed by how clear the water was too!!! I could see every little fish at the bottom swimming around. I did see two baby jelly fish, none with tentacles though thank goodness! I am so jealous you saw dolphins!!!! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!


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