Friday, August 29, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! [Link up with VTIM]

The time is upon us!!
Time for wearing crimson and white every Saturday.
Time for Chris and I to begin our yearly agreement of “Saturdays you can have football all day and I won’t bother you but Sundays you’re my you-know-what”.
Time for Velveeta/Rotel cheese dip to flow like chunky wine.
Time to hide nearly all of my Auburn friends on facebook for a few months (or delete them if they get obnoxious).
Time to go to church hoarse on Sunday from screaming so much the day before.
It’s time for college football, yall!

Tomorrow the family and I (minus Chris because he’s not a Bama fan so we don’t see him much on football Saturdays) are driving to Atlanta for Bama’s first game of the year against West Virginia. It’s being held at the Georgia Dome and I’ve never been to a dome field! That’s one thing to mark off my bucket list. I’ve heard the Georgia Dome is really something to see. And I’m sure it will beat baking in the Alabama sun for hours on a regular gameday!

I know a lot of girls will be going decked out and fussed up (because that’s just what they do) but here’s basically what I plan on wearing right down to the shoes.

Casual and super comfortable. I had to buy a new shirt from Target (similar) since all my other ones have gotten a bit snug in the middle. Can’t imagine why. One thing is for sure, when CT gets here he will have a buffet of gameday apparel to choose from (even though we know he’ll be a smart baby and choose all crimson).

Happy First Weekend of College Football to you and enjoy that three day weekend!
Rooooll Tide!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Emmys - Good, Bad and Ugly

At seven o'clock Monday night we had eaten dinner, I had washed my face and put on PJs, and we were hunkered down on the couch with drinks, snacks and one cat to watch the three hour long Emmy Awards.
Some of my favorite moments were:
-Andy Samberg dressed as Joffery from GOT crashing Lena Headey’s presentation. It’s weird seeing her a) with short hair and b) smiling.
-Bryan Cranston making out with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I’d love to know if she knew that was about to happen.
-Billy Crystal’s eulogy of Robin Williams. What a great selection of clips to show of him. And the footsteps at the end that faded to black OMG. Chris and I just sat smiling and crying at the same time.
-When Breaking Bad basically swept all the major drama categories!!  Walter White lives on!!

Now on to what really matters!

The Good:
good emmy fashion, best dressed
Taylor Schilling - Love this.  In a sea of pale colors hers stood out.  And her hair and makeup were perfect.  She looked like a star. // Sarah Hyland - So young and chic and a perfect color combo!  She's impressing me more and more on the red carpet. // Zooey Deschanel - I think this is the first time in three years she hasn't worn pale blue.  And she couldn't have picked a better color if she tried.
Honorable Mentions: Amy Poehler, Natalie Dormer, Lucy Liu, and Lizzy Caplan.

The Bad:
bad emmy fashion, worst dressed, 2014 emmys
Julie Bowen - I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing but this one really disappointed me.  It’s too casual for my taste and the print is odd. // Mayim Bialik – I like this girl a lot but everything about this aged her, from the cut to the hair to the necklace.  The color is stunning but I’ve seen her do far better. // Julia Roberts – Loved it…until I saw it from the waist down. Get a long gown, hold your shoulders back and dress like the movie star you are.

The Ugly:
Ugly Emmy Fashion, Worst Dressed, Emmys 2014
Yael Stone – Just wrong on different levels and super tacky. // Betsy Brandt – Her hair and makeup are spot and it’s definitely an improvement from last year…but that print put her right back on the Ugly list. // Lena Dunham – I can’t tell if she’s not trying at all or if she’s trying too hard.  I can appreciate some pink ombre feathers, but this is a joke.

What did you think of the Emmy fashion?  Who were some of your favorites?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Emmys, Good Jeans, and a Rage

one. It was a great night to be a Breaking Bad fan at the Emmys!!  Chris and I were SO happy they swept their acting categories and took home the big one.  As far as the fashion goes, stay tuned for a Good, Bad and Ugly post!

two. Saturday after we spent the morning consolidating junk in the basement and cleaning out the nursery, I went shopping with Kaylen for business attire for a class. We must've walked miles around that mall. I was wore OUT Sunday.

three. American Eagle had a really great sale and I got a pair of light wash skinny jeans for $26. Score for Alyssa.

four. I see pictures like this and think...if I was single I could SO live in a studio apartment.
five. I realized only last week that this coming Monday is Labor Day.  Thank you Lord, for unexpected three day weekends.

six. So the VMA's Sunday night were kind of a snooze fest. A few notes: T-Swift now just looks like another bimbo. Miley Cyrus needs to work on her fake crying face. I didn't think Beyoncé was EVER going to get off the stage, but I couldn't help but go "awww" when Jay-Z and Blue came up on stage with her. Common's comments made me roll my eyes. When I first saw Katy Perry and her guy I told Chris "Britney and Justin wore that same thing in like 2002! it's really sad I know that".

seven. Last night was Taco Bell night and Chris learned that this quesadilla/burrito no good.

eight. Haha

nine. Nesting has officially started. I looked at a bare wall the other day and thought "...I could put something there..."

ten. Since I got pregnant and hormonal I feel like this is how I wake up sometimes.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

My Maternity Style (In My Head)

Long before I got pregnant I always said when I did, I would be pregnant and stylish. I built this whole bangin' wardrobe in my head thanks to Pinterest. So far, and granted I'm not that big yet, it's been my own jeans held together with a belly band (a life saver I found at Buy Buy Baby) and a few good hand-me-downs (thank you, Tracie). But I've still got a while to go and plenty of time to build my big, round maternity closet!

(One of my favorite fashion bloggers just happens to be nearing the end of her pregnancy and she has put together a fantastic post on how to build said wardrobe without breaking the bank.)

In a dream world here are some of my favorite maternity outfits.  I want this first outfit more than any other on this list.  It's so effortless and adorable!:



And yes, I expect a pair of black jeggings and a motorcycle jacket to make me look just like Giselle...

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby W Update - 20 Weeks

We're halfway through this entire pregnancy and I seriously can't believe it.  The first half flew by and I'm wondering if the second half will go as quick.  I'm anxious to meet CT but I'm actually enjoying being pregnant so I'm definitely not wishing away the weeks.  I'm soaking it up like a sponge and enjoying all the alone time I get with Chris.  Not to mention all the family time before our family changes forever and going to church, or lunch or spontaneous dinners out are a big to do.

Tuesday morning we had our monthly appointment with a more in depth ultrasound to actually measure and make sure everything is forming and growing on track.  I was more than a little nervous about this one.  Everything has gone SO smoothly with this pregnancy and I’m just terrified that the carpet is going to get ripped out from under me at some point.  Ye of little faith.  Cooper is physically perfect thus far.  No indication of anything to be worried about.  It felt so nice to hear the doctor say that!  We had a good, long ultrasound and got to see him move and wiggle and see his little heartbeat.  The technician said it looks like he might be a thumb sucker.

babies, ultrasounds, preggo

Weight Gain: 4 lbs since our appointment last month and 9 lbs total.  Pretty much on track.

Clothes: Still hanging on to non-maternity pants!  The belly band I got from Buy Buy Baby is a life saver.  When I’m not wearing my pre-maternity jeans, I’m in dresses, skirts or leggings.  Shirts aren’t an issue yet.  If they’re a little tight they just make me look that much more pregnant which is fine with me.

Symptoms: Really the only thing is I feel like I have to pee all the time.  I didn’t get that in the first trimester but it’s caught up with me now.  And the lower back pain I talked about just went away like it never happened.

Movement: Yes!  I can feel him!  The first couple of times it happened I wasn’t sure it was him.  It feels like little bubbles bursting or little nudges.  And I thought it was too soon but I SWEAR I’ve felt him from the outside with my hands on my belly at least twice.  Chris hasn’t felt it yet.  (He’s not real sure he wants to.  He thinks it’s freaky.)

Cravings: DRINKS.  I haven’t craved any particular food in a while but I HAVE been wanting Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and sweet tea (especially from McDonalds).  Basically all drinks you’re not supposed to have a lot of.

Sleep: Meh.  I’m ready to drop when I get home and I’m asleep when my head hits the pillow but it doesn’t stay that way for long.  I usually wake up every hour or every couple of hours.  It’s a successful night if I only wake up once.

Stretch Marks: So far so good!  I bought some cheap cream stuff first but had to get rid of it since I was allergic to the vitamin E in it.  It had “Contains Vitamin E” right smack on the front label and like an idiot I didn’t read.  BUT the subsequent rash went away and I’ve been using this stretch mark butter that I LOVE.  It smell heavenly.  That cats HATE the smell but that’s their problem.  I’ve heard stretch marks are mostly genetic but I figure using some good stuff can’t hurt.
[Note to self: Ask Mom if she had stretch marks when she was pregnant.]

Missing: Absolutely nothing.  I have caffeine usually once a day.  If I want shrimp or tuna I have it once every one or two weeks.  I already didn’t drink enough to say grace over.  Not much to miss to be honest.

Nursery:  Just don’t ask.  It looks amazing on my pinterest board though!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Babypalooza, Donut Sweaters and The Ice Bucket Challenge

 photo Ten-on-Tuesday_zpse31d51a9.png

one. Saturday Chris and I ventured out to Babypalooza in Birmingham. It was...overwhelming. Wall to wall vendors, doulas, bouncy balls, nurses, baby photographers, and demonstrations. My favorite part was a) when Chris learned a doula is an actual thing and not just a made up word and b) when a vendor filled a bowl with candy for the mommies and Chris snatched a sour apple sucker.

two. I went on a fall pinning spree.  Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous??
source via pinterest
three. Power went out during a monsoon yesterday at work.  Cue me sucking all the air out of the room and covering my ears like a small, frightened child.  Have I mentioned there are no windows in the office and the place is supposedly haunted?  Yea, there's that.

four. Speaking of haunted I am so ready for Ghost Hunters to come back on next month!!

five. I have been in a major shopping (shopping but not necessarily BUYING) mode lately and I MUST have this sweater from Target.  And I need to find some red flats to go with it...for good measure.

six. What do yall think of this whole ice bucket challenge thing?  I guess my way of thinking is...if I'm going to donate money to a charity I can do it without dumping ice cold water on my head.  But then again, if that makes you happy, have at it!

seven. Lol.  He looks so human!  Top right is my favorite.

eight.  Grr.  Nothing is more frustrating than being woken up by a storm an HOUR before your alarm is set to go off. 

nine.  Haha.  This made me think of Dad.  It griped him so bad at the beach when we'd been waiting for an elevator forever to get to the 9th floor and just as the door is closing someone steps on and presses the 2nd floor button.  It's one freakin' flight of stairs!  Stop crowding the elevator and walk them!
ten. I'm going to selfishly ask for a few prayers this morning.  We've got our monthly appointment and they have us scheduled for an "in depth" ultrasound to make sure everything is forming and growing right.  I'm a little nervous about it.  Prayers for a healthy baby and peace would be much appreciated.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Finding Out Baby Whitt is Cooper Timothy - Our Gender Reveal Party

I'm so happy to get to share with you pictures from our Gender Reveal party three weeks ago!
MAD props to Kaylen for planning the whole thing.  She is our party planning queen and when she and Tracie join forces for my tea in a few months I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing.
All photos by Photography by Caroline.

The Mayans were wrong.  Anyone surprised?
This is one of my favorites.  Kaylen can't believe it's blue and Mom and Dad are hugging.

This is THE man that was the only one that knew the gender and stuffed the balloon for us.  He had with him the envelope from the ultrasound technician and all the ahem...gender revealing ultrasound photos.

Three weeks later and Chris and I are still over the moon about CT.  I dreamed last week that we had ANOTHER party where Kaylen revealed to me through a chalk board that we weren't having a boy at all.  We were actually having twin girls.  I immediately woke up from that dream relieved.  And not because of the twin thing!  Chris and I had mentally prepared ourselves for the possibility of twins since they run in both sides of my family and skipped at least one generation.  I was just disappointed it wasn't Cooper anymore.
I still can't believe we're actually having a SON.  And being the first grandbaby AND great-grandbaby he's sure to be ruined before he gets here.  It makes me unbelievably happy that Cooper is already so loved.

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