Friday, August 29, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! [Link up with VTIM]

The time is upon us!!
Time for wearing crimson and white every Saturday.
Time for Chris and I to begin our yearly agreement of “Saturdays you can have football all day and I won’t bother you but Sundays you’re my you-know-what”.
Time for Velveeta/Rotel cheese dip to flow like chunky wine.
Time to hide nearly all of my Auburn friends on facebook for a few months (or delete them if they get obnoxious).
Time to go to church hoarse on Sunday from screaming so much the day before.
It’s time for college football, yall!

Tomorrow the family and I (minus Chris because he’s not a Bama fan so we don’t see him much on football Saturdays) are driving to Atlanta for Bama’s first game of the year against West Virginia. It’s being held at the Georgia Dome and I’ve never been to a dome field! That’s one thing to mark off my bucket list. I’ve heard the Georgia Dome is really something to see. And I’m sure it will beat baking in the Alabama sun for hours on a regular gameday!

I know a lot of girls will be going decked out and fussed up (because that’s just what they do) but here’s basically what I plan on wearing right down to the shoes.

Casual and super comfortable. I had to buy a new shirt from Target (similar) since all my other ones have gotten a bit snug in the middle. Can’t imagine why. One thing is for sure, when CT gets here he will have a buffet of gameday apparel to choose from (even though we know he’ll be a smart baby and choose all crimson).

Happy First Weekend of College Football to you and enjoy that three day weekend!
Rooooll Tide!

Venus Trapped in Mars

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  1. I love that football season is back.

  2. I am a huge college football fan too! Happy start of college football season. :)

  3. such a cute outfit for football season

  4. Velveeta and Rotel something I experience in my youth, loved it. We just do';t do football like the USA and I wish we did

  5. Football Saturdays are awesome! Football is my favorite sport and I love fall more than I can stand. I agree with you on your snack food choice, although, I cannot agree with the crimson. I'm a Mizzou girl and bleed black and gold! :)


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