Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Babypalooza, Donut Sweaters and The Ice Bucket Challenge

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one. Saturday Chris and I ventured out to Babypalooza in Birmingham. It was...overwhelming. Wall to wall vendors, doulas, bouncy balls, nurses, baby photographers, and demonstrations. My favorite part was a) when Chris learned a doula is an actual thing and not just a made up word and b) when a vendor filled a bowl with candy for the mommies and Chris snatched a sour apple sucker.

two. I went on a fall pinning spree.  Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous??
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three. Power went out during a monsoon yesterday at work.  Cue me sucking all the air out of the room and covering my ears like a small, frightened child.  Have I mentioned there are no windows in the office and the place is supposedly haunted?  Yea, there's that.

four. Speaking of haunted I am so ready for Ghost Hunters to come back on next month!!

five. I have been in a major shopping (shopping but not necessarily BUYING) mode lately and I MUST have this sweater from Target.  And I need to find some red flats to go with it...for good measure.

six. What do yall think of this whole ice bucket challenge thing?  I guess my way of thinking is...if I'm going to donate money to a charity I can do it without dumping ice cold water on my head.  But then again, if that makes you happy, have at it!

seven. Lol.  He looks so human!  Top right is my favorite.

eight.  Grr.  Nothing is more frustrating than being woken up by a storm an HOUR before your alarm is set to go off. 

nine.  Haha.  This made me think of Dad.  It griped him so bad at the beach when we'd been waiting for an elevator forever to get to the 9th floor and just as the door is closing someone steps on and presses the 2nd floor button.  It's one freakin' flight of stairs!  Stop crowding the elevator and walk them!
ten. I'm going to selfishly ask for a few prayers this morning.  We've got our monthly appointment and they have us scheduled for an "in depth" ultrasound to make sure everything is forming and growing right.  I'm a little nervous about it.  Prayers for a healthy baby and peace would be much appreciated.

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  1. 2. Awesome! I love fall, it's my favorite!

    3. Haunted? What?

    6. Very odd. I think I'm with you though.

    7. HAHA! The top left is my favorite.

    10. Good Luck!

  2. 1. Sounds like fun!
    2. Wow! So beautiful!
    3. Your office is haunted? How interesting!
    4. Is that a show? Sounds cool! I need to check it out!
    5. Such a cute sweater!
    6. It's kind of a waste of water. I don't know. I mean, I like that they raise awareness but they could do that another way. And just donate the money.
    7. Haha!
    8. I hate when that happens!
    9. I agree!
    10. Sending lots of love! Hope everything is alright! <3
    Will link up later!

  3. Hope everything went ok yesterday!
    3-4. You are afraid of ghosts but watch ghost hunters? I'm both confused and impressed at your bravery.
    5. That donut sweater is the adorable!
    6. I was skeptical about the ice bucket challenge, but apparently it is working and they're raising a lot of money and awareness. There was a great video on upworthy by a 26year old diagnosed with ALS that was able to motivate me enough to donate what I could. But, the actually dumping of ice water on each other seems a little unnecessary.

  4. I neeeeed that sweater!!! LOL I will have to link up next Tuesday!!


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