Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Cats Tasting Beer, An Offering to the Gods, and A Farewell to Genie

one. Sunday night Chris and I carried on our new tradition of a fixing a crock pot meal. This week was beef stew. My first time making it. It was ok. Not what I was expecting but still good enough to eat.

two. Saturday I got out shopping by myself (which is fun every once in a while) and bought some cute things for CT! He got a 3-set of black and white onesies on sale from Old Navy and two adorable plaid shirts on sale from Von Maur for $18. THAT’S where I need to shop for baby clothes. They have the cutest stuff!

three. Lol.  This was pretty close to Kaylen's face the first time I gave her a sip of mine:

four. We had to change the weekend of our Gatlinburg trip to Halloween weekend. I’m bummed I’ll miss Halloween at work since I had so much fun dressing up last year but I’d rather go then than not at all. I’m sure I can find a cute witch’s hat to wear around town or something.

five. The gods were pleased with our offering of a new cat tree:
six. This might be one of my favorite Vines ever. Game of Thrones will want to watch this.  Ned Stark lives!!

seven. Seeing sweet pictures like these make me think...we need a dog. A new baby and a new dog. Can you imagine? The cats would say "screw this noise" and run away.

eight. Chris and I tried watching the first few minutes of the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night. It was a lot of "who?....I've never heard of them....this is stupid....Taylor Swift think she a model....".  Ok, the last one was from me.  But seriously.  You're not Karlie Kloss.

nine. Chris and I were really saddened to hear about Robin Williams' passing last night.  This guy will always he part of my childhood and Mrs. Doubtfire was one of my favorites.  Not to even mention Aladdin.  It's seems like it's always the wicked talented ones that have the worst demons.  Thanks for the laughs and Rest in Peace.

ten. And on a side note here, when I walked in the door last night I told Chris "let's play a game called How Long Before People on Facebook Start Implying that If You Post Anything About Robin Williams You Don't Care About Our Troops or Anything Else That Matters in the World".  I guessed one hour.  I was wrong.  It took two.  Those implications are ridiculous and you see another round of them every time a celebrity dies.   If you posted one, kindly punch yourself in the face.

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  1. 1. I'm not a big fan of beef stew, either. But awesome Sunday tradition!
    3. Haha!
    4. Jealous! I bet Gatlinburg during Halloween will be fun!!
    5. The gods definitely look pleased. Haha!
    9. So sad. He was a big part of my childhood too.
    10. Reason No. 578 why I don't have Facebook.. Lol.

  2. 2. I love to go shopping alone once in a while. It is very relaxing! And I agree, you can find the cutest clothes for babies. Sometimes I wish they would have that stuff in my size!
    3. Haha priceless! My cats love peppermint tea but they never had beer.
    4. I hope you will have a great trip!
    5. Cute picture! I am looking for a new cat tree too!
    7. You definitely need a dog. :)
    9. It is so sad. I love Mrs. Doubtfire!

  3. That poor cat! Mine doesn't like the taste of mint. At least your kitties are happy with their new tree!

    I'll miss Robin Williams so. About the FB thing, think of it from his family's viewpoint--their loved one just died, and you're implying that his death isn't worth mentioning in light of world events. What a jerk, right? But no one thinks like that, they just spit something out and move on. Jerks. I feel the need to rewatch Mrs. Doubtfire and Flubber and Jumanji now!

  4. The picture of the cats face after drinking from the glass is priceless!!
    Drives me crazy when people on FB take it to the bad negative side.


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