Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Emmys, Good Jeans, and a Rage

one. It was a great night to be a Breaking Bad fan at the Emmys!!  Chris and I were SO happy they swept their acting categories and took home the big one.  As far as the fashion goes, stay tuned for a Good, Bad and Ugly post!

two. Saturday after we spent the morning consolidating junk in the basement and cleaning out the nursery, I went shopping with Kaylen for business attire for a class. We must've walked miles around that mall. I was wore OUT Sunday.

three. American Eagle had a really great sale and I got a pair of light wash skinny jeans for $26. Score for Alyssa.

four. I see pictures like this and think...if I was single I could SO live in a studio apartment.
five. I realized only last week that this coming Monday is Labor Day.  Thank you Lord, for unexpected three day weekends.

six. So the VMA's Sunday night were kind of a snooze fest. A few notes: T-Swift now just looks like another bimbo. Miley Cyrus needs to work on her fake crying face. I didn't think Beyoncé was EVER going to get off the stage, but I couldn't help but go "awww" when Jay-Z and Blue came up on stage with her. Common's comments made me roll my eyes. When I first saw Katy Perry and her guy I told Chris "Britney and Justin wore that same thing in like 2002!...wow it's really sad I know that".

seven. Last night was Taco Bell night and Chris learned that this quesadilla/burrito mix...is no good.

eight. Haha

nine. Nesting has officially started. I looked at a bare wall the other day and thought "...I could put something there..."

ten. Since I got pregnant and hormonal I feel like this is how I wake up sometimes.

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  1. Oh, Sheldon! I feel like that so often, it isn't even funny.

    Can't wait to see your fashion post! I need to write one too...there were a lot of "blah" or "WTF" dresses this year, I think.

  2. 1. I am really happy because the show deserves it. I guess I need to re-watch it soon!
    3. Great deal! I need to go shopping for fall!
    6. Katy Perry looked so horrible in that denim thing. Miley Cyrus is so fake and I can't help myself but I cannot stand Beyonce.
    8. Haha.
    10. Haha. I often feel like that. :)
    Will link up later, Alyssa!

  3. Been that I live in Germany. I miss out on the award show. My find is nesting but not in a normal pregnant woman way. She more worried about what the outside of the house look. That she feels likes she need to mow the lawn and weed. Which she isn't allowed to do. Since her dr. told her to take it easy or she will be put on bed rest.

  4. I was sooo glad Breaking Bad won all the awards! However, I'm always saddened that SOA never gets nominated for anything. That's some dang good writing there, even if it is a tad violent. Ha! American Eagle always has the best sales! Love their jeans. I agree that the VMAs weren't top-notch. I think Miley ruined it all for us last year. I totally remembered that Britney and Justin wore the denim outfit too! But I couldn't recall the year.. Lol!

  5. Numer 8 just made me snort. I didn't watch the Emmys or the VMA's, I feel like a loser. I am glad Breaking Bad won, Steve and I are binging on it now!

  6. 4. Sometimes I think that too.

    5. Yay!

    10. I feel like that sometimes and I'm not even pregnant!


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