Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Snarky T-Shirts, TV Shows, and a Bad Dog

one. Chris and I binged watched True Detective last week.  Not bad!  Kind of gritty but it's got Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in it.  What's not to like? After finishing that Saturday night we moved right into starting Boardwalk Empire Sunday night. One episode in and I might be hooked!

two. Mom and Dad got us all (well, all but Chris since he's not a fan) tickets to the very first Alabama game of the season at the Georgia Dome!  I need some new gameday gear since I can't currently fit into any of my cute Bama shirts.

three. Oh I want this and most of the shirts on this list:

four. Since Gus and Dixie's quiet, little lives are about to change we decided to get them a gift.  I found a cat tree on a yard sale site for $20!  Hopefully our gift pleases the gods.

five. Who else is excited about the Emmys this month?!  We've watched a bunch of good shows this year so we feel really invested.  That is so sad....

six. Speaking of TV shows, I went a little nuts pinning all things Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones...then realized I was just having withdrawals from them.  Fans will understand that this is the best possible mashup ever and is quite literal:

seven. I started online shopping for CT's room yesterday.  Etsy has some ADORABLE mobiles.  This one might be my favorite so far:
eight. The cats do NOT like the smell of my new cocoa butter.  At all.

nine. I didn't sleep well again last night thanks in part to some very inconsiderate dog owners who for the second night in a row let Fido stand outside and bark non-stop at 1 in the morning.

ten. Somehow not quite as intimidating:

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  1. I need that "plans with my cat" shirt from the list. I'm so excited for the Emmys fashion and hair/makeup--can't wait!

  2. 1. I watched the first episode but really need to watch more!
    3. So cool!
    4. I am sure they will love it! That's really sweet!
    6. I still haven't watched all Orange is the new Black episodes.
    7. Really cute.
    8. That's a bit surprising! I thought they would like something like that.
    9. I did not sleep well last night either but it was because of a headache.
    10. haha.

  3. That mobile is so cute! Etsy has the best stuff! Also, that t-rex is hilarious!

  4. Yay for getting ticket to the game. I hate when people let there dog bark. Here in Germany we have a law that dogs can't bark for no more then 30 minutes. Which I thought was crazy at first but it kind of nice.


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