Monday, August 4, 2014

Why My Weekend was Awesome

Another good weekend in the books.

-Saturday morning Chris bribed me to get out of bed with McAllister's. I told you, those people know us. We got an early lunch and headed to Target to pick up a few things and realized it was tax free weekend. Score. Well, I say score but really the only thing we bought that was tax free was diapers. But whatever. It's Target and Target makes me happy.  Before we left the house Chris snapped a 17 week picture since Cooper is starting to make his presence known:

-After Target I popped into Charming Charlie, you know, just to look. I walked out with two scarves, one of them being leopard like I've been wanting. God bless sales and tax free weekends. [Side note: Chris was in a little accident on the interstate Tuesday morning. He and the other driver were completely fine but his car is still in the shop. His rental car is a pretty black Camry. Apparently a lot of people drive black Camrys. On my way out of Charming Charlie, I was standing on the curb waiting for Chris to pick me up and I see the car pulling up towards me. I walk up and reach for the car door just in time to realize the driver is black man. My husband is not a black man. I tried to walk away cool like I didn't almost hop in a car with a stranger.]

-Sunday was church with the fam (wore my new leopard scarf) and lunch at Cheesecake Factory where I got this:
THAT is their french toast.  The waiter put it in front of me and I thought he gave me the wrong plate.  I ate MAYBE a 4th of that.  I'm pretty sure I saw this dish last week on a list of unhealthiest restaurant dishes.  There's somewhere in the ballpark of 3,000 calories in this if you eat the whole thing.  And if you do, God bless you because I couldn't handle it.  But what I CAN handle is the classic strawberry topped cheesecake that I took home.

-Sunday evening was our new tradition of a crockpot meal.  This week was cheesy chicken casserole.  Super simple.  The most prep involved was cutting up the Velveeta.  It was just...meh.  I liked the flavors together.  I should say instead of jalapenos we used a can of Rotel.  It was what it was though.  It was enough for me but Chris fixed himself some bagel bites after.  Eh.  Chalk it up to a flop.  Now we know.

I've told you before how much I live for the weekends.  Not because I'm miserable Monday thru Friday or anything but I just love this time with Chris and my family.  Saturday mornings with Chris are my favorite, especially now.  I'm soaking up our last few months of "just the two of us" like a sponge.

How was your weekend?
If you recapped it on your blog feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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  1. I had a lazy weekend. Yay for tax free weekend

  2. That french toast looks so awesome, and now I'm hungry for some!!

  3. Just found your exciting that you're having your first baby! And I love the name Cooper!
    Please feel free to stop by my blog :)


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