Thursday, September 4, 2014


Reading: H.R.H. by the one and only Danielle Steel. I used to read a ton of her books and some of my favorite books EVER are written by her. (If you’re into war time stories you should read Crossings and Granny Dan.) I haven’t read one of hers in a long while but THE matriarch of the company I work for is an avid reader and insisted I take a couple home with me.

Watching: Master Chef. That’s a given. It’s my favorite show on TV right now. If you’re following along, I REALLY hate that little baker girl with glasses and tattoos went home.  I guess my new front runner is Elizabeth.
We're rewatching the last season of SOA to get ready for the new one next week!!  I forgot just how explosive (literally) it was.  We're already placing bets on who's going to kick it this season.  Chris' money is on Juice (I sincerely hope not).  I'm HOPING it's Gemma but I think Unser is a safer bet.
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Chris and I never laugh so much as we do watching this. We record every episode and usually watch it while we’re eating dinner. My favorite thing ever is Hashtag the dancing panda.

Thinking About: The beheading of the second American journalist in Syria.  If you're that poor guy's do you deal with that?  How do you get past that?  Wouldn't that consume your every thought for years to come?  And what about the deceased, himself?  I'm wondering if he knew what was coming and he'd just given up hope of rescue.  He knew better than anyone what kind of sub-humans he was dealing with and I wonder if that helped him to accept his fate.
Then I'm wondering how our fearless leader is going to handle this.  Biden says we'll "chase them to the gates of hell" and Obama says we need to shrink ISIS until it's "manageable".  There's the problem, big boy.  The only way to "manage" this particular problem is to eliminate it.

Looking Forward To: -Organizing the nursery. Chris and I cleaned it out so all that's left is the treadmill, a book shelf/drying rack and one box that was too heavy for Chris to move by himself.  I’m just ready to GET ready for Cooper. I’m ready for the nursery to look something like a nursery. I’m ready to hang some curtains, put in some white furniture, order some prints from Etsy, and start stocking his little closet with little clothes.
-Our fall TV shows coming back on. Sons of Anarchy, Nashville, and Dancing with the Stars this month followed by The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and Ghost Hunters in October. Can you tell we’re getting in all of our TV watching before baby gets here?
-Gatlinburg. We're still planning on take a long weekend trip at Halloween. It will be my favorite season and the leaves should still be nice and colorful. I told Chris the picture we take on the chair lift will make an excellent addition to our collection since I should be nice and round by then. And we’ll have to get CT a Gatlinburg onesie! It’s only appropriate since that’s where his parents’ relationship started. Aww…

Loving: Chris cooking, weekends, McDonalds sweet tea, bedtime, brownies, maxi dresses and skirts, cooler mornings, body butter, Golden Graham cereal.

Thankful for: Couch time with Chris.  We're pretty ritualistic.  A normal evening goes like this: get home at 6:20, watch Jimmy Fallon while eating dinner (if it's Monday, it's Taco Bell night), watch some of our other shows for a couple of hours, start to doze, then I go to bed.  It works for us.  During the work day I look forward to going home and doing nothing but hanging out on the couch with Chris.  He's my favorite person and I'm going to be super selfish with my time with him in the coming months before it's no longer "just the two of us".

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  1. i've never read any book from Steel. i'll check it out.

  2. I was JUST working on a Currently post.

    This ISIS situation is terrifying to me. I've had to really curb my news consumption this week. I really hope we get a handle on it soon.

  3. Have fun getting the nursery together


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