Thursday, September 25, 2014

Designing a Wedding - If I Could Do It Again

If you know me or have been a reader for any amount of time, you probably know I got married young. Nineteen to be exact, and Chris was twenty. At nineteen I wanted the fairytale. I was raised on Disney princesses and I wanted nothing less than a big wedding, in a big place, with an even bigger dress. My parents gave us a beautiful, traditional wedding for which I am FOREVER grateful. It was my favorite day.

That was almost seven and a half years ago. I’m twenty-six now and my style has evolved a bit. I’m still all about some Disney though and that will never change. I love looking through all things wedding on the almighty Pinterest and sometimes wonder if I missed my calling of being a wedding planner. If the stars aligned (and money was no object) and I had the chance to have a do-over of our special day, this is what it would look like:

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Disney Cake // Babys Breath Bouquet // Saja Wedding Gown // Bridal Bouquet // Glass Venue // Bridesmaid Gown // Grooms Attire // Babys Breath Crown // Vera Wang Flats
Can you tell I have an affection for babys breath?
If you could do your wedding over, would you change it?

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  1. There are a few things I would change, especially now with the invention of Pinterest! I swore I wanted a Princess wedding, and then when I tried on a Princess dress, I looked ridiculous. I probably wouldn't change the overall look and feel of my wedding, but just a few touches.

  2. Cute photos! Your do over wedding would be adorable! If I were to do it over, I'd spring for the biggest photography package I could find! Since it was in Hawaii, we thought, how hard is it to take good photos? And sadly, left all photos in the hands of our guests. But I still had the best day of my life!


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