Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - $20 Nail Polish, Unwanted Advice and a Big Freakin' Roach

 one. Sunday night Chris and I were watching a movie and I was curled up into him with a big quilt over me. I glanced to my left because I thought I saw something move. Then a minute later I thought I saw something move closer to me. THEN I felt something touch my arm. It was a ROACH. A ROACH ON MY PERSON. Naturally I screamed and threw the quilt which threw the roach onto my belly. I then proceeded to scream some more and dance a jig accordingly. That was literally the most traumatic thing that has happened to me in a while.

two. This weekend I did some actual maternity shopping. Old Navy’s regular jeans have never done anything for me but their maternity skinnies fit perfectly. Go figure. I got said jeans and a top and Saturday found a cute basic long sleeve top at Target. I think that’s how I’m going to do my maternity shopping: gradually little by little.

three. I think this might be the first poop joke ever on this blog:

four. I'm finally reading The Shining (my favorite scary movie) and I've decided I need more Stephen King in my life.

five. George Clooney is married??  File that under Didn't Think That Would Ever Happen.  Seriously.  Hope that works out for him.

six. Sunday night I made this sweet and sour chicken for us. Pretty good! And of course super easy, like everything I make. Next time I’m going to add some pineapple preserves to the apricot I used.

seven. Saturday I got out by myself and got my hair trimmed and my nails done. Mom gave me a gift certificate for a free manicure. The little lady started telling me about gel polish and how much better it is and yack yack yack. I didn’t ask and she didn’t mention that it was $20 MORE EXPENSIVE than regular polish. So my free manicure wasn’t as free as I thought it would be. I beat myself up pretty hard about that…

eight. I found Cooper's future Halloween costume:

nine. I swear it's the same song and dance with Gus and Dixie every day.  They walk around while we're getting ready yelling at us like I don't feed them every morning at 7:20 on the dot.

ten. Me when men try to give me pregnancy advice:

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  1. #3. Haha so funny! :)
    #4. I loved Misery a lot as well!
    #5. Hope so too! Just watched some old ER episode!
    #7. I have to admit that I never got a manicure.
    #9. I know what you mean. :)

  2. Sorry to hear a roach landed on you. I hate those things.

  3. Yes the gel manicures are more expensive, but I love them so much more than regular ones! I work with my hands a lot, cook a lot, do dishes a lot etc, and the gel nails last soooooo much longer. I love the smoothness of them too. A regular manicure usually chips on me like the day after I get one.

  4. Oh my gosh, a roach!?!?!? Alyssa, I would have had a coronary. I can imagine you dancing around with your pregnant belly freaking out over a roach.
    I hope it works out for Geoge Clooney and his wife too!!
    I gotta tell ya... that costume is creepy

  5. Cockroaches are the WORST! Evolution has its downsides....

    Am I immature for laughing at that poop joke? Because I love me a good pun!

  6. EWWWWW! Roaches! I would have died.

    I totally never saw George getting married. At least he picked a chick with brains instead of some Vegas waitress.

    Men giving pregnancy advice? "No uterus, no opinion!"


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