Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Nail Polish, Royal Babies and Final Ride

 one. We had our first house guest over the weekend! A good friend from Lejeune is moving and spent a couple of nights with us. I hadn't seen him in...five years? It was good to him again and see a tangible connection to the Marine Corps existence since it seems like it was in another life.

two. My mother got me a gift certificate to get my nails done since the prenatals are making them grow like they never have before! I think I'll do something like this:
nail polish, fall colors, essie, oxblood
three. Chris got his hair cut Sunday and dropped me off at Barnes and Noble to wait.  I picked up and read the first couple of chapters of a book called Dorothy Must Die.  I'm definitely going back for this one once I finish the ones I'm on now.

four. Good news.  Nay.  FABULOUS news.  Kate Middleton and I are pregnant at the same time!!  Really the only difference between us at this point is a crown and stuff...

five. I am LIVING for this!  It was one of my favorites as a kid.  The nerd got kinda hot...
little rascals, reunion, movie poster
six. I'm considering going to work today with a gas mask since a few minutes next to a person wearing truly offensive cologne gave me a bad headache the rest of the day.  Seriously.  What's the point in BATHING in it?

seven.  I did my first prenatal workout Saturday.  Oh dear me.  It was cardio and choreographed and had actual STEPS.  It was so bad.  I'm glad I was home alone and I was actually sweating at the end of it.

eight. I did some online shopping over the weekend and got one more person marked off my Christmas shopping list!  ...and maybe a couple things for Alyssa...

nine. Please keep this in mind...

ten. New and FINAL season of SOA tonight, yall!!  #finalride.  Here's to hoping Juice gets away and lives a peaceful life and Gemma either dies or goes to prison forever.  I'm so excited Jax was in my dream last night.  #notmadaboutit

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  1. Love the color you pick to do your nails in. Also congrats on starting your Christmas shopping. I haven't even thought about doing mine yet.

  2. 2. That's a pretty color.

    3. "waiting" in a bookstore? Sign me up for that!

    5. Can you believe that poster?! I saw that the other day and it blew my mind. It's been 20 years already? I am really old.

    6. Ha!

    8. Yay!

  3. 1. It's great you got to see your friend after such a long time!
    2. Cute color!
    3. I love spending time at the book store.
    4. Woohoo!
    5. never seen this. :(
    7. I am glad nobody can see me when i work out. :)
    8. Need to do some shopping as well. Cannot believe you already got Christmas presents. Good job!
    9. Haha!
    Will link up later!

  4. 2. I love dark red nails! You'll have to share a pic of the color you end up getting. :-)
    4. Did you also hear that she is in the hospital with debilitating morning sicknes? Poor girl. But it really is FABULOUS that your pregnant at the same time as a royal.
    5. How did I not know about this?! Googling now.
    6. I work with someone similar. It's quite retched. I often think that people who bath in cologne have lost their sense of smell.
    10. HALLELUJAH! I CANNOT WAIT FOR SOA TONIGHT!!! It's going to be good! Since I'm moving, I'm trying to plan for my new cable to be hooked up by the Tuesday that I move, just so I won't miss an episode! Haha! :-)

  5. 1. Houseguests are always fun!
    4. I was so excited when I heard they were expecting again! They are such wonderfully fascinating people- now we just need to introduce you two so you can do the prenatal exercises together!
    5. That is crazy, I used to love that movie!
    6. Cologne is gross, almost all the time.


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