Monday, September 22, 2014

Why My Weekend was Awesome - A House Divided

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Saturday, thanks to Don Don who got two free tickets, Chris and I got to watch our teams play against each other in Tuscaloosa. I've been to a Florida game with Chris and he's been to a Bama game with me but this was the first time we've been to see our teams play EACH OTHER.  And they probably won't play each other again for several years.  So this was very exciting!

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We rode down with Dad and met Kaylen, Daniel, and couple of her friends when we got there.
I KNEW it would be hot.  I mean, it's September in Alabama, of course it's going to be hot.  I wore shorts (which I hate) and a light tshirt I wouldn't have to put a cami under and sandals.  It still got miserable pretty quick.  We walked to the quad and while the rest of my party was getting food and water, I plopped down in the shade and lounged against a tree trunk.  It was actually pretty comfortable as far as tree trunks go.  And the view wasn't bad either.

Alabama vs. Florida,  collage, denny chimes, bryant denny stadium, tuscaloosa

After walking around a little, we headed to our seats on the 40 yard line fifteen rows from the bottom.  Chris was in heaven.  It was particularly exciting for him.  This was only the 4th college game he's ever been to while I can skip down to T-Town and get a student ticket with Kaylen or a free ticket from Don Don just about whenever.  My saintly dad gave us these two tickets as opposed to his two tickets in the upper section because he knew our seats would be in the shade longer.  And it's a good thing.  Baking under the sun in crowded stadium seats got miserable QUICK.  There's no way I could have sat there for four quarters.  Luckily the sun went behind the stadium for us between the 1st and 2nd quarter.

Chris was worried he'd get harassed being one of few gator fans in our section but everyone was SUPER nice to him.  Everyone within reaching distance from us told him "we're happy to have you and welcome to Tuscaloosa".  One lady even said if anyone has harassed him or is GOING to harass him, she apologized.  And the guy behind us told him if anyone messed him he'd take care of it.  Bama fans have got some bad press in recent years but Harvey Updykes and teabaggers are few and far between.

The Tide ended up beating the Gators 42-21.  Chris was actually at peace with it since it's a rebuilding year for his team and he still says he had a blast.  Which made me super happy because I had so much fun getting to do that with him.

 Who says a house divided cannot stand?

SEC Couple, Tuscaloosa, Bryant Denny Stadium, game day, Alabama vs. Florida

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  1. I live in husband works for the university and is the replay technician for the home football games. His Florida fan friends used his tickets while I sat my happy butt on the couch. I stay away from campus on game days!

  2. glad you both had a great time at the game


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