Friday, October 17, 2014

Baby W Update - 28 Weeks

Lots of changes this past month!  And oh yea, third trimester begins TODAY!  Holy cow.
Little man is growing and growing. As is my belly button which freaks me out.
I’m getting to the uncomfortable stage. I feel tight all the time now (I mean, duh) but at night I feel like if I sneeze I’ll just crack open like an egg. I've also been told I've developed a little bit of a waddle.
I had to switch my belly ring for a smaller one.  Just too dang uncomfortable.  I'm hoping I won't have to take it completely out because if it closes up it's NOT getting pierced again.

We had our monthly appointment Tuesday and got to see him again. I told the nurse it sometimes feels like he's in there stretching as far as he can because I feel him all over at once, and that's because he's just taking up that much room! He's about 15 inches now.

In other news, we toured four different daycares last week. Wow. That was an experience. Very surreal and slightly overwhelming. At the first place we visited, the very first thing we encountered was a little girl crying because her mother was leaving her. Chris and I cried right along with her. Can't handle it. Then in the nursery, there were babies everywhere (duh) and one spat up, and one was rolling around in his crib, and one was staring at Chris and I could see the panic rising in him. But we got through it! We got through four! We have two at the top of our list and at least one more to visit.

Weight Gain: Up 17 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. Pretty much on target.

Clothes: I bought two pairs of maternity pants and LOVE them. So much more comfortable than the belly band and regular jeans at this point, but I still make them work when I feel like it too. I bought a couple of shirts and since the weather is changing I can soon wear Tracie’s hand-me-down maternity sweaters. So I have a nice little stock! I didn’t think it would be this fun shopping for maternity wear but it is!

Symptoms: Lots of pressure. When I stand up sometimes I think “I have got to pee right this second”. Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable to walk period. Bending over is getting harder as is moving from a lying to a sitting position. At the end of the day I feel so big and tight I don’t want to move. I’m basically a slug after 6:30. Also I think I've finally reached the point where laying on my back is a no-go. I don't sleep on my back but I lounge in that position a lot. Doc said my body would tell me when it's time stop and lately I've felt pressure in my chest when I lie that way so I think my body is telling me "hey, stuff a pillow under there and get some extra support, girl".

Movement: Lots of it and getting harder! I still love it though. The only time I didn’t care for it was last week at work, I got a kick so hard and so LOW I thought for a second I wet myself. The horror. Saturday morning he was partying a little too hard and Chris accidentally SAW him move. Freak out ensued. That was probably the most uncomfortable I've been with his movements. Chris was starting to worry: "You look like you're in pain. Should I call your mom? Should we call the doctor??" Of course now if I DIDN'T get the crap kicked out of me I'd worry.

Cravings: Still nothing weird. But last week I woke up one morning and seriously thought I was going to have to go to Publix before work and get a bottle of sparkling grape juice to drink. Well, I guess that's pretty weird. Mostly though I want chocolate and lots of it. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, candy bars, chocolate milk, whatever...

Sleep: Still sucks. Tossing and turning all night every night.

Stretch Marks: I thought Friday night my luck had run out and I had the beginning of one but alas it was gone the next morning. So again, so far so good with the body butter. [knock on wood knock on wood] I’m checking myself more carefully for them now. As tight as I feel sometimes I expect to any day now lift my shirt and see that I’m covered in them.

Missing: Ahi tuna and steak so rare it’s still trying to sell me Chick-Fil-A.

Nursery: We now have a painted nursery! The navy shade we chose is beautiful with the room's white chair rail and it’s even prettier in person than in pictures. The crib and the dresser we ordered arrived and I can't WAIT to put them together and see the room start to look like an actual nursery. I bought him his first piece of wall decor too. This print from Etsy. Love it. It’s slowly coming together!

Chris made this and posted it to facebook and THIS is why he's the frosting to my cupcake:

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  1. Love reading your baby updates. I feel the same way about the belly button ring. That thing was so painful to get pierced.


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