Friday, October 24, 2014

Dear Cooper

Dear Cooper,

I can’t wait to meet you. We’re getting your nursery ready for you and your very indecisive mother hopes you like the navy color and find it calming. =)

The biggest thrill for me is seeing you move and feeling how strong you are. Whenever I get worried because I haven’t felt you move for a little while, you’re quick to kick me as if to say, “Relax, we’re still good.” You’ve pretty much been good this entire pregnancy. You never made me sick, which I am SO appreciative of. You haven’t given me much heart burn (so you might be a baldy). You did NOT give me gestational diabetes, so that’s good! I sincerely hope this good behavior carries over after you’ve made your entrance into the world.

Your daddy is so excited for you. He compared waiting for your arrival to waiting for football season. You’ll learn that that’s a big deal. I think we have extremely different pictures in our heads of what you’ll be like. Your dad sees you as his little star quarterback or shortstop, destined for ESPN greatness and of course with his wild sense of humor and extreme extraversion. I see you as my happy, mild mannered little book worm who likes to use your imagination and who might one day open a five star restaurant and name your favorite dish after me. =)

You’re the first grandbaby and first great-grandbaby on your grandmother’s side so you are ruined before you even get here. Your Aunt K plans to steal you from daycare every Friday afternoon, your granddaddy is planning your first trip to Bryant-Denny (much to your daddy’s dismay) and your grandmother already has your first beach vacation in the works. You’re not even here yet and already you are so loved.

We've dreamed about you for so long and can't believe you'll be here in a few short weeks.  Keep growing for a little while longer and we’ll be getting ready for you! I can’t wait to be your Mama.


The Educated Owl Etsy

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