Thursday, October 9, 2014

Letters To Me

Dear Alyssa,
This isn't going to work out much longer. Not much longer at all...
-Your pre-maternity clothes

I know you were upset because I was $17 more expensive but doesn't it mean anything to you that I'm still so shiny? I haven't even chipped yet! Isn't that worth the extra $17 you hadn't planned on spending? Alyssa? Are you there?
-Your gel polish

You're never going to find my jingle collar.  Accept it and move on.  This time I've strategically "lost" it in a place where you never look.   The drawer with all the cooking utensils.
Crap.  Oh well.  See you tonight.

You've hung two different things in two months! I'm so proud of you! The hook rack between the bedroom closets for your necklaces really is a nice touch.  Now maybe a nice accent piece for the dining room...
-Your walls

Calm down. It's all going to be ok. Just breathe.

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  1. I love posts like this. I'm always inspired to write my own letters...

  2. Love the part about your gel nails.

  3. I love this! I could definitely write more than a few of these.

    PS: It's all going to be okay. Just breathe. :)

  4. Oh, just be happy with the gel polish! $17 well spent for some fabulous looking nails! Did you find Gus' collar?

  5. Love this post idea! :) maybe I can join this link up too!


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