Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Panic Mode, Ebola, and a Mouthy Cat

one. I had a moment of panic Sunday night while choosing a date for a baby tea when I realized we have three months until CT arrives…and thus far we’ve only got his room painted. AHH!! So much to do!!

two. One thing I have NOT procrastinated about is Christmas shopping! Almost finished! My goal is to have it completed before this month is out.

three.  Hm.  Bama haters suddenly got mouthy Saturday night.

four. Yall, I can’t even lie. I felt so cute yesterday in my new maternity jeans and flannel shirt I might have to do an OOTD or Where I Got It post here soon. And that NEVER happens.

five. So the dad from 7th Heaven is a child molester???  Whaaat??

six. I love this so much.  'Merica.

seven. Is anyone else freaked out by this whole ebola thing?  If the guy that brought it over here from Liberia lives (which is a big if from what I read) he should absolutely face charges for lying on his paperwork to be cleared to fly back.  PS.  Have you ever seen the movie Contagion?  It only takes one person!

eight. You wanna treat?

nine. SOA anyone??  Wow. We had to pick our jaws up off the floor after last week’s ending. My theory is this: Juice will accept his fate in meeting Mr. Mayhem [sad face] and will first seek out Jax to tell him the truth about Tara. That will be how he redeems himself. I’m so excited about tonight’s episode!

ten. And how’s this for exciting and surreal: we are touring possible daycares this morning. Yea. Daycares. For the baby we’re going to have. Holy cow.

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  1. 1. I am sure you get everything done in time. :)
    2. Good job! I have not even thought about Christmas yet! :)
    4. Cannot wait to see it!
    8. So cute!
    10. Things are getting real I guess. :)
    Will link up later!

  2. Ooh, I want to see your OOTD! It sounds so cute!

    I've gotten a little bit of Christmas shopping done. I usually hate to rush it but this year I just want to get it out of the way!

  3. I want to see you OOTD. I'm flying next month and this whole ebola thing has me freaked out. That I kind of don't want to go where I'm going but on the other hand. I haven't seen my grandma is 3 year and that who I'm going to see.

  4. 4. Do it!
    5. ewwwwwww... that is awful! All I can think is of all those kids on 7th Heaven?!?! Chills.
    7. Yeah, it definitely doesn't feel under control, at all.
    10. So exciting!

  5. hahaha 'Murica. That's probably the best picture I've seen today!

  6. I am obsessed with SOA! I cannot wait to see how the Juice story plays out!


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