Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Pumpkins, Kitty Cuddles, and Dirty Hair

one. We had such a good Sunday! I stayed in bed until almost 11 (weird for me), we had lunch with cousins from Florida we never get to see, went to Michael's and bought some fall decor, finally registered for a stroller, and then ordered pizza for dinner and watched The Walking Dead. Good day in my book.

two. This is NOT what I bought at Michael's but I added this guy to my Halloween mantle! I love anything that lights up.

three. Got some more Christmas shopping done Saturday!

four. I finished reading The Shining. If you've seen the movie forget everything you saw before you read the book. Different in so many BIG ways. Next on the Stephen King list? Carrie.

five. This happened Saturday. One of the cats finally cuddled up to my belly! She even got kicked around a little!  And of course please excuse all the cat hair on the black shirt.  I should have known better...

six. Sometimes there's nothing better than a glass of Nesquik chocolate milk.

seven. I dreamed Sunday night about being chased by someone wearing a smile mask like the clown in American Horror Story.

eight. Heh.

nine. SOA: I really feel like Juice might die tonight.  No way Jax forgives him.  Jax might play nice and then kill him at the end of the episode or something.  The only way I will be at peace with Juice's death is if he rats on Gemma first and she gets what's coming to her.

ten. I only used a little dry shampoo in my unruly, wavy hair yesterday and pinned it halfway back with a clip just because I didn't feel like washing and drying it. I got more compliments on my dirty hair than my freshly washed hair. #FTW!

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  1. 1. Sounds like a pretty good day to me!
    2. So cool! I love Halloween decoration!
    5. Aww, so adorable! :) And I guess there is no way to avoid having cat hair on your shirts. :)
    7. That's creepy! I always get chased in my dreams and I don't know why.
    10. Haha good job! :)

  2. Aww your cat cuddling up to you is too cute.

  3. Steve and I will be watching SOA tonight. Last week left me a mess, I really don't want Juice to die. But, like he said to Nero when they we locked in the closet, he's a coward. There was SOOO much I wish he could have handled differently. If he dose meet maker tonight (no telling!) I still think I will be more sad about Opie. I am SOOO over Gemma.... never thought the day would come.


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