Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - TWD, A Fall Craft, and A Mad Cat

one. Did anyone watch The Walking Dead premiere?! Best. Premiere. Ever. THEN did you watch Talking Dead afterward? There was a question for the creator tweeted in from CooperW. Our baby is so smart he’s tweeting in utero…

two. Speaking of which, today is our monthly appointment and the first part of the glucose test so we have to be at the hospital earlier than usual.  I was worried this morning would be awful because we were supposed to get severe weather in the middle of the night.  Luckily it weakened enough that I could actually attempt sleep through it.

three. I literally cannot even:

four. Amanda Bynes lost it again. Anyone surprised?  Her story is such a sad one.

five. I realized yesterday I was wearing an exact replica of an outfit I wore when I was 16. Hot pink top, jeans, and my trusty black and pink Vans. Except the top and jeans weren't maternity when I was 16...

six. ALL of our shows we waited so patiently for are in full swing now! American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and Ghost Hunters rejoined our lineup this past week!

seven. I’m not much of a crafter but I really want to do this!
eight. I got to see what the invitation to my baby tea will look like yesterday! Speaking of which, for my non-southern friends, do yall know what a "tea" is as opposed to a "shower"?

nine. I keep forgetting we're going to Gatlinburg in less than three weeks! Bring on the changing leaves, crisp air, and free fudge samples!!!

ten. My face when Chris asks me to get off the couch for any reason after 6:30:

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  1. 4. It makes me sad. I'm still routing for her to pull through.

    5. what are the odds of that?

    8. No, not really :)

    9. Whoo hoo!

    10. Ha!

  2. 1. Very smart! :) Have not watched it yet but will soon!
    3. I don't know the guy but the kitten is soooo cute!
    4. Really liked her show...the one with Jennie Garth.
    7. Looks really cute!
    10. Haha, that is hilarious!
    Will link up later!

  3. 3. Yay for cute kittens!
    4. I feel like it's Britney all over again. I feel so bad for her--she clearly needs help.
    7. That's so pretty! But I'm not a crafter either :)
    9. Hope you have a ton of fun!
    10. Ha, that's me pretty much all the time!

  4. that DIY thing is so pretty! :) try to do it! I want to watch American Horror Story! I can't wait!

  5. 1. It really was a great premiere, hopefully a sign of an interesting season to come!
    4. I was so hoping she'd be alright, but things are not looking good right now. Maybe this time she'll be able to get the help she needs.
    6. I watched like 2 episodes of American Horror Story and still have nightmares if I think about it- though this season looks more interesting, less terrifying. I have to admit I'm intrigued!
    7. I think it's worth a try!


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