Friday, November 28, 2014

Unplanned But Not Unwelcome Break...and Freak Out Mode

That’s what happens when on a random morning your only computer turns itself off…and then doesn’t come back on. You get a completely unplanned but not at all unwelcome blog break. It just so happened that it occurred over Thanksgiving (which I hope everyone had a fabulous one by the way).

But it’s just as well and I honestly wasn’t even upset about it. A little peaved that we might have had something else to buy but not stressed that I wouldn’t be able to blog.

My mind has been going 90 mph in one hundred directions and I’m officially in freak out mode. This baby will be here [theoretically] January 9th and my head is spinning thinking of how much is still left to do before his arrival and I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get it all done. This boy has NOTHING hanging on his nursery walls, a crib lacking a mattress, no ceiling fan, a stroller still in its box, a dresser that instead of being perfectly organized with rolled-up onesies and blankets and socks is empty. Speaking of socks, I just realized we haven’t bought him any yet. Crap.

I am honestly so ashamed of myself that I’ve let it get this close with still so much undone.

This is where I need to stay off of freaking blogger and STOP obsessing over all the OTHER bloggers who are due around the same time I am who HAVE their new arrivals’ nurseries complete and organized and decorated and friggin perfect.
This is where I need to stop and breathe and tell myself that it WILL all get done.
This is where I need to remind myself that Cooper will have everything he needs and he will be the most loved baby boy on the planet even if his nursery isn’t pinterest worthy come January 9th.
And this is where I stop typing before I completely crumple into a ball of hormonal tears.

PS. The computer that wouldn't turn back on that we were convinced had breathed its last? Chris took it to a tech-savvy buddy...and the battery was just loose. Oh well.

PPS.  I hope none of you got killed or killed anyone over any of those Black Friday doorbusters!  But IF you ventured into the madness I hope you had fun and got some good deals.  =)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Kim K., Movies, and Paracommandos

one.  WHY was everyone shocked last week when Kim Kardashian went nude in a magazine?  Isn't that pretty much all she's good for?  I mean, we're talking about a girl who got her start from a sex tape.

two. Saturday before the big game was spent in the guest room surrounded by all things baby writing thank you notes and I'm still blown away by the generosity shown by our family and friends.  After four hours I finally had to put down the pen and walk away for a little while.  But I'm loving organizing his things!

three. This is sad but also kind of true:

four. I really want to go see a movie but Chris and I can't agree on what to see.  I want to to see Fury or Nightcrawler.  He wants to see Dumb and Dumber but that's just not happening.

five. And holy crap it just hit me that Mockingjay Part 1 comes out this weekend!!!

six. My Christmas pinterest board is filling up and I'm ready to decorate TOMORROW.  Maybe I can hold out another couple of weeks...  I might have to try this one too but I'm afraid the cats would have a field day:

seven. The popular At The Movies Series started up at church again Sunday. We look forward to this each year! This year the first week was a replay of last year's most popular week. ...and it was the movie The Impossible...about the Boxing Day tsunami.

eight. Friday morning during all the hoopla I was lying in the bed and Gus decided he need to walk on the headboard.  He then decided he needed to jump before his fat self lost his balance and used my face as a landing pad.  Gave me a nice little scratch on my cheek a week before our maternity pictures.  Thank you, Gus...

nine. Speaking of bad cats:

ten. While I'm glad I stayed home Saturday instead of going to the game (Kaylen said most of the stadium stood up nearly the entire game), I HATE I missed the paracommandos dropping into the stadium! Check out this awesome video and get a birds eye view of Bryant Denny from Saturday.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby W Update - 32.3 Weeks

My weekend didn't exactly start off as planned.
Thursday night/Friday morning I woke up sick and dizzy a couple of times and like I've said, I haven't been sick during this pregnancy.  When Chris woke up and realized I was still in the bed he called my paramedic dad to come over and check my blood pressure.  It was fine.  I really figured it was the chinese we ate the night before but I called the doctor just to be safe.  She asked me to come in and get checked out and that was NOT what I was expecting to hear.  So we went and I got checked all over and they checked my cervix (which was interesting) to make sure this wasn't a sign of early labor.  Spoiler alert: it wasn't.  We DID get an extra ultrasound but Cooper was being camera shy and the best shot we got was of his foot.  And what a cute foot it is...

So I spent Friday up until about 3:30 drinking sprite in between naps unit we went out to eat for baby daddy's birthday.

We are into single digits as far as weeks go! Seems like yesterday I was screaming, “we’re almost halfway through!” and now look. Very close to the END. Hard to believe.
Before the excitement Friday, we had our regular appointment (every two weeks now) Tuesday. Once we got into the room we noticed we had been waiting longer than usual. The nurse popped her head in and said our doctor had to run downstairs and perform “a couple emergency surgeries”. I didn’t mind in the slightest. I laid down on the exam table with the heating pad and dozed for a good hour. It was heaven after a bad night of sleep. Thank you, Lord, for small favors.
Everything is still right on track with little man. The doctor said I’m measuring well if not slightly smaller than average. She guesstimated he’d be 7 lbs tops. Thank you, Jesus! I sincerely hope she’s right about that.  Friday she said he's very low (which explains having to hit the restroom every hour or so) and he's already assumed position to be born, which FREAKS me out.  He does still have room and time to flip around and then back again but he might very well stay in this position until go time.
I finally took the belly ring completely out about three weeks ago. Sooo much more comfortable. Should’ve done it weeks before that to be honest. Not gonna lie, it looks funny. My belly button is almost completely flat, which freaks Chris out. (But then again, lots of pregnancy related things freak the boy out.)
Bending over is pretty much a no-go at this point. When we played putt-putt in Gatlinburg, whenever I sunk one someone had to pick up my golf ball for me. Haha. I shaved my legs the other day for the first time in a while (don’t you dare judge me) with no stool or step to prop up on in the shower and that was a mistake. I’m at the point now where I spend more time being uncomfortable rather than comfortable.
But with all that, I’m STILL loving being pregnant.

Weight Gain: To my amazement I only gained one pound since the last visit so I'm up exactly 20 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.

Clothes: Almost all maternity now. Unless it’s just a really roomy shirt. Mom bought me a couple more shirts (one of which will look fabulous around the holidays) and another pair of skinnies. I might buy a couple of long sleeve shirts for winter but other than that, I really don’t know if I’ll buy anymore maternity clothes!

Symptoms: The newest thing is muscle cramps. Good grief. It feels like I’ve pulled a muscle and it comes out of freakin’ nowhere. I was sitting eating the other night and pulled a muscle where my neck meets my shoulder. And the other is in my inner thigh. THAT ones hurts.
The back pain I was experiencing earlier in the pregnancy has returned with what seems like a vengeance. I can feel it when I walk, lift my left leg, shift weight and heaven help if I turn around too fast.

Movement: Lots and lots and big movements. It’s nothing to look down and see my belly roll from one side to the other. I love poking around and being able to feel exactly where he’s at. I think after he's made his arrival I'm going to MISS feeling him move.

Cravings: I really and truly thought I would be one of these women that crave strange things I’ve never cared for before. But really I just want chocolate! Lately it’s been those chocolate snack cakes with the filling and the little white squiggly on top. Yum. But I'll settle for chocolate chip cookies, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate milk, chocolate muffins. You get the idea.

Sleep: Sucks major.

Stretch Marks: Still good. God bless good genes and body butter.

Missing: Nothing lately really besides sleep.

Nursery: The crib and dresser are together! I'm in love with the crib. It's perfect. The closet has new shelves ready to be filled with little clothes.  Now I can finally start decorating and actually getting it together for him. I hope it looks as nice and cozy in real life as it does in my head...

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Veterans Day, White Legs, and Hibernation

 one. First off, Happy Veterans Day to our nation’s defenders! They don’t nearly get the care they deserve after their time is up (but that’s another soapbox for another day). This guy made me proud then and makes me proud now. I can’t wait to explain to Cooper how special his daddy is.

two. We’re supposed to be getting REALLY cold temperatures starting Wednesday night! Woo hoo!

three. I’ve been debating with myself about how long to keep the few little autumn/Thanksgiving decorations up and when to switch them for the Christmas stuff. I’m itching to fill the house with red and gold!

four. This is me after looking at pictures of myself from the tea Sunday:

five. Got another appointment for little man today. We seriously have 8 1/2 weeks until his due date. That is so freaky!

six. TWD SPOILERS HERE! Oh that little creeper, Eugene. I should’ve known a scientist with a mullet doesn’t exsist. I don’t think Abraham killed him but I wish he did. And holy cow did you see the sneak peak for next week?? My guess is it’s Beth in the body bag. Maybe they didn’t successfully save her from the hospital.

seven. Last night all I did was have one long nightmare about tidal waves (a reoccurring nightmare of mine) and now that's all I can think about.

eight. Saw this and then it dawned on me that I actually WILL be going into somewhat of  a hibernation for maternity leave around the coldest weeks of the year.  Good timing, Cooper.  Good timing.

nine. I saw a preview for the new Exodus movie!  I really want to see it.  The story of Moses and the exodus out of Egypt is my favorite story from the Bible.  I just sincerely hope it's not another Noah biblical-but-not-biblical-at-all situation.

ten. I might have to hang this in the office somewhere:

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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Very Blue Baby Tea

Yesterday afternoon was my (well, CT's) baby tea.  It was incredibly surreal to be the one wearing the ribbon that said "mommy".  Kaylen spearheaded the planning (I think she's found her niche) and with help from a group of hostesses made up of sweet friends and family, put together a very precious tea for Cooper.

baby boy, baby shower, mail box bow
baby shower, baby boy, table set up
It's a Boy, baby boy, baby shower, cake, baby cake topper
Cake Topper
baby shower, decor, baby boybaby shower, baby boy
baby shower, baby boy, baby shower pin, mommy to be
baby shower, baby boy, baby shower cake
baby shower, baby boy, baby shower cake
baby shower, baby boy, table set up, shower food
baby shower, baby boy, door wreath
Made by Kaylen!
One thing is for sure: Cooper is loved.  He got so many cute things AND essential items.  The hostesses got us the stroller we registered for which is AWESOME.  But my favorite gift came with one of my aunts.  She presented me with a book of state quarters with a card explaining that Maw had been collecting them and saving the book for the first boy born to me or Kaylen.  Of course I cried and cried.  Maw was just so special.  Aunt Wildodean said, "Maybe she knows Cooper."  And I think she does.

I'm just so overwhelmed with love from our friends and family and I can't wait for this little boy to get here now!

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why My Vacation Was Awesome

weekend, vacation, awesome

Last Thursday night at 6 o’clock there was an Alyssa-shaped hole in the door at work. I was unbelievably anxious to get home, change into a tee, throw my straightener in the suitcase, pat the kitties on the head, and head north. Chris and I rode with Mom and Dad and Kaylen and Daniel caravanned behind us. I slept a couple of hours and we arrived in Gatlinburg a little after midnight local time. We tried out a new hotel this year. It wasn’t The Gatlinburg Inn but we really liked it. It still had the personality and space of an older hotel.

-The weather was pretty magical. I had been watching the forecast VERY closely and it said we were due for rain Friday evening followed by snow Saturday. Friday morning I was up and at ‘em ready to hit the strip and take full advantage of the pretty weather while it lasted. And pretty it was. The leaves were turning and the mountains were some of the most colorful I’d ever seen. While it was sunny it was just cool enough to warrant long sleeves and not much else. We did our usual chair lift ride and got a picture in our signature pose.

Gatlinburg, leaves, autumn
gatlinburg, vacation, autumn
gatlinburg, autumn, mountain, chair lift
gatlinburg, chair lift, mountain, autumn
gatlinburg, mountain top, chair lift, autumn

-We saw actual snow. It had started to rain Friday night and when we woke up the pretty snow was falling heavily. We’ve been going to Gatlinburg since I was a baby and we’ve never been lucky enough to see snow in the city. It was gorgeous! The mountains were painted white and it gave a whole new feeling to the parkway. But believe me, it was COLD. We knew it might snow but I still didn’t bring great layers. I wore jeans, socks, rain boots, gloves, a long sleeve shirt, a coat and for part of the time a rain poncho. It’s been a long time since I’ve been that cold. Chris was worried the whole time we walked that morning that I was going to slip and fall so he clucked over me and held on tight. Can’t blame him though. I’m clumsy enough as it is and I don’t have a great track record with snow and ice.

pregnancy, maternity, gatlinburg, snow day
snow day, gatlinburg,

-We got Cooper more souvenirs than we got ourselves. I’ve told you before Gatlinburg is where Chris and I got together over twelve years ago and it’s where we honeymooned. So naturally we had to get CT a super cute/cheesy onesie. It says “All Because 2 People Fell in Love in Gatlinburg”. Collective awwww! He also got a generic Gatlinburg, TN heather gray sweater. Chris said we’ve really come full circle with this little city!

gatlinburg, autumn, mountain top, snow

-I did a LOT better with all the walking than I thought I would being 30 weeks pregnant and all. Don’t get me wrong: I was dead tired at the end of each day and had to stop and rest sometimes. I think my back is slightly mad at me this week too. But I hung in there! I sure as heck didn’t want to miss anything. I was stressing myself out unnecessarily Friday morning. I was so worried about the impending rain and everything being perfect because I didn’t want ANYTHING to spoil a MOMENT of the trip. Chris and I were walking by ourselves and I nearly started to cry saying this is our LAST trip to Gatlinburg like this. Without a baby. Without having to worry about feeding times, and strollers, and diapers, and nap times. Chris, as always, calmed me down. He said, “You’re looking at it the wrong way. You know every time we pass a stroller we look in and ooh and ahh at the cute baby inside. Next year that will be US. That will be OUR baby that everyone is looking at and saying ‘look how cute he is’ and you will LOVE it.” He always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better.

We all had a blast together as usual. It's time like this with my family, walking down the strip, playing putt-putt, or just hanging out in the hotel room, that I remember just how much my cup overflows.  Without a doubt another awesome [mini] vacation in the books. And here’s to next time with an addition to our little party!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Vacay, Decorations, and a Very Shady Cat

 one. We got back from our long weekend trip Sunday night and I swear I could have got back in the car and gone all the way back. The six of us had a wonderful time and we even got lucky and saw snow! Been going 26 years and FINALLY saw snow in town. More on our trip later!

two. One thing about the weekend we chose for our trip was daylight savings time. First Monday back and it was light when I got out of bed to get ready for work! I love it.

three. Halloween is over (boo) and that means it's almost time for Christmas decorations! I'm thinking about trying letters like these over the mirror on our mantle. I NEED to get me some good organization bins for our decorations. Maybe I won't find the task of decorating for Christmas so daunting if everything isn't so jumbled up.
source via Pinterest
four. TWD SPOILERS HERE! So THAT’S where Beth has been! I heard a theory for next week that I like: Carol went into the hospital as a “Trojan horse” and she’s going to go all commando and rescue Beth and it was NOAH in the woods with Daryl. That’s the story I like and I’m stickin’ to it. And I knew right off the bat I wanted that male cop to die and I’m glad it didn’t take long.

five. I laughed at this FOREVER last night! And then when I thought I was done laughing I looked at the bottom picture again and started all over:

six. I am COMPLETELY 100% convinced the cats missed us after our trip. They cried when we came home and stuck to us like glue the rest of the night. My sweet babies missed their Mama and Daddy!

seven. We hadn’t left the air on in a few weeks OR turned on the heat before we left. I turned it all off Thursday evening not realizing it would get so cold at home over the weekend. When we came back it was FIFTY-FIVE DEGREES in the house. Even the plates in the cupboard were cold. Haha.

eight. This should not be as funny as I think it is:

nine.  It's shocking to me that people actually believed the whole "it's going to be dark for three days straight this December" malarky that was floating around on facebook.  Seriously?  Seriously.

ten. You know I hate when vacation is over but there’s still LOTS to look forward to in the coming weeks! Baby tea, maternity pictures, Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and then BAM! BABY!

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